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cab vehicle-51.4.1, (PropBank)
cabaret.n (Grouping)
cabbage steal-10.5, (PropBank)
cable instr_communication-37.4, tape-22.4, (PropBank), (fn Communication_means), (fn Contacting)
cache (fn Storing)
cache.n (Grouping)
cackle animal_sounds-38, manner_speaking-37.3, nonverbal_expression-40.2, (PropBank), (fn Make_noise), (fn Communication_noise)
caddy captain-29.8-1, (PropBank)
cadge obtain-13.5.2, steal-10.5-1, (PropBank)
cadre.n (Grouping)
cafe.n (Grouping)
cafeteria.n (Grouping)
caffeine.n (Grouping)
cage pocket-9.10, (PropBank), (fn Placing)
cajole force-59-1, (PropBank), (fn Attempt_suasion), (fn Manipulate_into_doing)
cake (PropBank)
cake.n (Grouping)
calcify other_cos-45.4, (PropBank)
calculate (PropBank), (Grouping)
calendar.n (Grouping)
calendar year.n (Grouping)
calibrate price-54.4, (PropBank), (fn Adjusting), (Grouping)
calk butter-9.9, (PropBank), (Grouping)
call animal_sounds-38, dub-29.3, get-13.5.1, manner_speaking-37.3, order-60, (PropBank), (fn Request), (fn Labeling), (fn Referring_by_name), (fn Simple_naming), (fn Being_named), (fn Contacting), (fn Claim_ownership), (fn Deserving), (Grouping)
call.n (Grouping)
call forth engender-27, (fn Cause_to_start)
call in (fn Contacting)
call to mind (fn Evoking)
call up (fn Contacting)
calm amuse-31.1, (PropBank), (fn Experiencer_obj), (Grouping)
calm down subjugate-42.3
calumniate judgment-33, (PropBank)
calve calve-28, (PropBank), (fn Birth)
camcorder.n (Grouping)
camouflage butter-9.9, (PropBank)
camouflage.n (Grouping)
camp lodge-46, (PropBank), (fn Residence), (Grouping)
camp.n (Grouping)
campaign (PropBank), (Grouping)
campaign-manage (PropBank)
campaign.n (Grouping)
camper.n (Grouping)
can fire-10.10, pocket-9.10, (PropBank), (fn Capability), (fn Firing), (fn Preserving), (Grouping)
cancan waltz-51.5, (PropBank)
cancel (PropBank), (Grouping)
cancer.n (Grouping)
candy (PropBank)
cane spank-18.3, (PropBank), (fn Cause_harm), (fn Corporal_punishment)
cannulate (PropBank)
canoe vehicle-51.4.1-1, (PropBank), (fn Operate_vehicle)
canonize (PropBank)
cant.n (Grouping)
canter run-51.3.2-2, (PropBank), (fn Self_motion), (Grouping)
canvass investigate-35.4, (PropBank)
cap butter-9.9, contiguous_location-47.8, (PropBank), (fn Closure), (Grouping)
cap.n (Grouping)
capability.n (Grouping)
capacitate remedy-45.7, (PropBank), (Grouping)
capacity.n (Grouping)
caper run-51.3.2, (fn Self_motion)
capital.n (Grouping)
capitalize (PropBank), (Grouping)
capitulate acquiesce-95, (PropBank), (fn Giving_in)
capsize other_cos-45.4, (PropBank)
captain captain-29.8-1, (PropBank)
caption (PropBank)
captivate amuse-31.1, (PropBank), (fn Experiencer_obj)
capture steal-10.5-1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
capture.n (Grouping)
car.n (Grouping)
car park.n (Grouping)
caramelize other_cos-45.4, (PropBank)
caravan vehicle-51.4.1, (PropBank), (fn Operate_vehicle)
carbonify remedy-45.7, (PropBank)
carbonize other_cos-45.4, (PropBank)
card.n (Grouping)
card game.n (Grouping)
care care-88.1-1, marvel-31.3-2, marvel-31.3-3, (PropBank), (Grouping)
care.n (Grouping)
careen (PropBank)
caress touch-20-1, (PropBank), (fn Manipulation)
caretaker.n (Grouping)
caricature (PropBank)
carjack steal-10.5, (PropBank), (fn Piracy)
carnivore.n (Grouping)
carol manner_speaking-37.3, (PropBank)
carom run-51.3.2, (PropBank)
carouse (PropBank)
carp (PropBank)
carpet butter-9.9, fill-9.8, (PropBank), (Grouping)
carrier.n (Grouping)
carry carry-11.4, cost-54.2, fit-54.3, (PropBank), (fn Bearing_arms), (fn Bringing), (Grouping)
carry on sustain-55.6, (fn Activity_ongoing)
carry oneself (fn Conduct)
carry out (fn Intentionally_act)
carry to term (fn Birth)
cart drive-11.5-1, (PropBank), (fn Bringing)
carve build-26.1-1, carve-21.2-2, disassemble-23.3, scribble-25.2, (PropBank), (fn Create_representation), (fn Cutting), (Grouping)
cascade meander-47.7, (PropBank), (fn Fluidic_motion), (Grouping)
case pocket-9.10, (PropBank)
case.n (Grouping)
cash get-13.5.1-1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
cash.n (Grouping)
cassette (PropBank)
cast build-26.1, characterize-29.2, throw-17.1, (PropBank), (fn Behind_the_scenes), (fn Encoding), (fn Communicate_categorization), (fn Create_physical_artwork), (fn Cause_motion), (Grouping)
cast.n (Grouping)
cast off (fn Cause_begin_motion)
castigate judgment-33, (PropBank), (fn Judgment_communication)
castle (PropBank)
castrate remedy-45.7, (PropBank), (Grouping)
cat (Grouping)
catalog (PropBank)
catalogue classify-29.10, (PropBank)
catalyst.n (Grouping)
catalyze (PropBank)
catapult throw-17.1-1-1, (PropBank), (fn Cause_motion)
catch get-13.5.1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
catch.n (Grouping)
catechize (PropBank)
categorize classify-29.10, remedy-45.7, (PropBank), (fn Categorization)
cater (PropBank), (fn Assistance), (Grouping)
catering.n (Grouping)
caterwaul complain-37.8, sound_emission-43.2, (fn Make_noise)
catheterize (PropBank)
catholicize remedy-45.7, (PropBank)
cation.n (Grouping)
catnap snooze-40.4, (PropBank), (fn Sleep)
caucus.n (Grouping)
caulk butter-9.9, (PropBank)
cause engender-27, (PropBank), (fn Causation), (Grouping)
cause.n (Grouping)
causeway.n (Grouping)
cauterize remedy-45.7, (PropBank)
caution advise-37.9-1, (PropBank), (fn Statement), (Grouping)
caution.n (Grouping)
cave (PropBank), (Grouping)
cave in (fn Giving_in)
cavort run-51.3.2, (PropBank)
caw animal_sounds-38, (PropBank), (fn Make_noise)
cease stop-55.4-1, (PropBank), (fn Activity_stop), (fn Process_stop), (Grouping)
cede future_having-13.3, (PropBank), (Grouping)
celebrate judgment-33, (PropBank), (Grouping)
celebration.n (Grouping)
celebrity.n (Grouping)
cell.n (Grouping)
cellar pocket-9.10, (PropBank)
cellphone.n (Grouping)
cellular phone.n (Grouping)
cement tape-22.4, (PropBank), (fn Attaching), (Grouping)
censor (PropBank), (Grouping)
censure judgment-33, (PropBank), (fn Judgment_communication)
cent.n (Grouping)
center focus-87.1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
center.n (Grouping)
centralize other_cos-45.4, (PropBank)
ceremony.n (Grouping)
certification.n (Grouping)
certify characterize-29.2, patent-101, (PropBank), (Grouping)
cessate (PropBank)
cessation.n (Grouping)
cgi.n (Grouping)
chafe hurt-40.8.3, marvel-31.3-1, marvel-31.3-8, touch-20-1, (PropBank), (fn Emotion_heat), (Grouping)
chaff (PropBank)
chagrin amuse-31.1, (PropBank)
chain tape-22.4, (PropBank), (fn Attaching), (Grouping)
chain.n (Grouping)
chair (PropBank), (Grouping)
chair.n (Grouping)
chairman.n (Grouping)
chalk scribble-25.2, (PropBank)
challenge (PropBank), (Grouping)
challenge.n (Grouping)
chamber.n (Grouping)
chamfer remedy-45.7
champion captain-29.8-1, (PropBank)
champion.n (Grouping)
championship.n (Grouping)
chance occurrence-48.3, risk-94-1, (PropBank), (fn Daring), (Grouping)
chance.n (Grouping)
chance (across) (fn Becoming_aware)
chance (on) (fn Becoming_aware)
chance across discover-84
chance on discover-84
change dress-41.1.1, exchange-13.6-1, other_cos-45.4, turn-26.6.1-1, (PropBank), (fn Replacing), (fn Undergo_change), (fn Exchange_currency), (fn Change_tool), (fn Exchange), (fn Cause_change), (Grouping)
change.n (Grouping)
change over convert-26.6.2-1
channel funnel-9.3-1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
channel.n (Grouping)
channelize funnel-9.3, (Grouping)
chant manner_speaking-37.3, performance-26.7-1, (PropBank), (fn Communication_manner), (Grouping)
chaperone captain-29.8-1, (PropBank)
chapter.n (Grouping)
char cooking-45.3, other_cos-45.4, (PropBank), (fn Apply_heat)
characteristic.n (Grouping)
characterize characterize-29.2-1, (PropBank), (fn Distinctiveness), (fn Communicate_categorization), (Grouping)
charbroil cooking-45.3, (PropBank)
charcoal scribble-25.2, (PropBank)
charcoal-broil cooking-45.3
charge bill-54.5, confine-92, equip-13.4.2, run-51.3.2, (PropBank), (fn Notification_of_charges), (fn Judgment_communication), (fn Attack), (fn Commerce_collect), (Grouping)
charge.n (Grouping)
chariot vehicle-51.4.1, (PropBank)
charlotte.n (Grouping)
charm amuse-31.1, (PropBank), (fn Experiencer_obj), (Grouping)
chart transcribe-25.4, (PropBank), (Grouping)
charter get-13.5.1, (PropBank), (fn Renting), (Grouping)
chase chase-51.6, (PropBank), (fn Cotheme), (Grouping)
chase.n (Grouping)
chasten judgment-33, (PropBank)
chastise judgment-33, (PropBank), (fn Judgment_direct_address)
chat chit_chat-37.6, (PropBank), (fn Chatting)
chat.n (Grouping)
chatter animal_sounds-38, chit_chat-37.6, manner_speaking-37.3, sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank), (fn Make_noise), (fn Communication_manner), (fn Impact), (Grouping)
chauffeur captain-29.8-1, (PropBank)
cheapen other_cos-45.4, (PropBank)
cheat cheat-10.6, force-59-1, (PropBank), (fn Manipulate_into_doing), (Grouping)
check peer-30.3, search-35.2, (PropBank), (fn Inspecting), (fn Preventing), (fn Scrutiny), (Grouping)
check.n (Grouping)
checklist.n (Grouping)
cheep animal_sounds-38, (PropBank), (fn Make_noise)
cheer amuse-31.1, marvel-31.3-1, (PropBank), (fn Experiencer_obj), (Grouping)
cheer up other_cos-45.4
cheerlead (PropBank)
chemical.n (Grouping)
chemotherapy.n (Grouping)
cherish admire-31.2, (PropBank)
chew chew-39.2-1, (PropBank), (fn Grinding), (Grouping)
chicken (PropBank)
chicken out withdraw-82-1
chide judgment-33, (PropBank), (fn Judgment_direct_address)
chief.n (Grouping)
chief executive.n (Grouping)
child.n (Grouping)
child abuse.n (Grouping)
child support.n (Grouping)
chill amuse-31.1, other_cos-45.4, (PropBank), (fn Cause_temperature_change), (fn Inchoative_change_of_temperature), (Grouping)
chime sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank)
chin.n (Grouping)
chink sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank), (Grouping)
chip break-45.1, carve-21.2-1, cut-21.1-1, hurt-40.8.3-1-1, (PropBank), (fn Cause_to_fragment), (fn Damaging), (Grouping)
chip.n (Grouping)
chipset.n (Grouping)
chir sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank)
chirp animal_sounds-38, manner_speaking-37.3, (PropBank), (fn Make_noise), (fn Communication_noise)
chirrup animal_sounds-38, (PropBank), (fn Communication_noise)
chisel build-26.1, (PropBank)
chitchat chit_chat-37.6, (PropBank)
chitter animal_sounds-38, sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank)
chlorinate remedy-45.7, (PropBank)
choice.n (Grouping)
choke fill-9.8, subjugate-42.3, suffocate-40.7, (PropBank), (Grouping)
chomp chew-39.2-1, (PropBank)
choose get-13.5.1, (PropBank), (fn Choosing), (Grouping)
chop carve-21.2-2, cut-21.1-1, swat-18.2, (PropBank), (fn Cause_harm), (fn Cutting), (Grouping)
chop.n (Grouping)
choreograph performance-26.7-2, (PropBank)
chortle manner_speaking-37.3, nonverbal_expression-40.2, (PropBank)
christen dub-29.3, (PropBank), (fn Name_conferral), (fn Rite)
christian.n (Grouping)
christianize remedy-45.7, (PropBank)
chromatography.n (Grouping)
chrome butter-9.9, (PropBank)
chronicle transcribe-25.4, (PropBank), (fn Text_creation)
chuck throw-17.1-1, (PropBank), (fn Cause_motion), (Grouping)
chuckle manner_speaking-37.3, nonverbal_expression-40.2, (PropBank), (fn Make_noise), (fn Communication_noise)
chug sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank), (fn Motion_noise)
chunk classify-29.10, (PropBank)
chunter run-51.3.2
churn build-26.1, (PropBank)
cinch tape-22.4, (PropBank), (fn Attaching)
circle contiguous_location-47.8, (PropBank), (fn Traversing), (fn Motion), (Grouping)
circle.n (Grouping)
circuit.n (Grouping)
circularize contribute-13.2-1-1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
circulate modes_of_being_with_motion-47.3, (PropBank), (Grouping)
circulation.n (Grouping)
circumcise remedy-45.7, (PropBank), (fn Rite)
circumscribe remedy-45.7, (PropBank)
circumvent avoid-52, (PropBank), (fn Compliance), (Grouping)
cite (PropBank), (fn Adducing), (fn Judgment_communication), (Grouping)
citizenry.n (Grouping)
city.n (Grouping)
civil war.n (Grouping)
civilize other_cos-45.4, (PropBank)
clack sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank), (fn Motion_noise), (fn Make_noise), (Grouping)
clad being_dressed-41.3.3, (PropBank)
claim conjecture-29.5-2, say-37.7-1, (PropBank), (fn Statement), (fn Predicting), (fn Claim_ownership), (Grouping)
claim.n (Grouping)
clam berry-13.7, (PropBank)
clamber run-51.3.2, (PropBank), (fn Self_motion), (Grouping)
clamor (PropBank)
clamp tape-22.4-1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
clang bump-18.4-1, sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank), (fn Motion_noise), (fn Make_noise), (fn Impact), (fn Cause_to_make_noise), (fn Cause_impact)
clank sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank), (fn Motion_noise)
clap sound_emission-43.2, wink-40.3.1-1, (PropBank), (fn Body_movement), (Grouping)
clarification.n (Grouping)
clarify other_cos-45.4, (PropBank), (Grouping)
clash battle-36.4-1, bump-18.4-1, sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank), (fn Make_noise), (fn Hostile_encounter), (fn Compatibility), (fn Impact), (fn Cause_impact), (Grouping)
clash.n (Grouping)
clasp hold-15.1-1, tape-22.4-1, (PropBank), (fn Manipulation), (Grouping)
class characterize-29.2, classify-29.10, (PropBank), (fn Categorization)
class.n (Grouping)
classify characterize-29.2, classify-29.10, (PropBank), (fn Categorization), (Grouping)
clatter bump-18.4-1, sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank), (fn Motion_noise), (fn Make_noise), (fn Impact), (fn Cause_impact)
claw swat-18.2, (PropBank), (fn Manipulation), (fn Cause_harm), (Grouping)
clay butter-9.9, (PropBank)
clean clear-10.3, other_cos-45.4, preparing-26.3-2, (PropBank), (Grouping)
clean-vpc (Grouping)
cleanse cheat-10.6, groom-41.1.2, (PropBank), (fn Emptying), (fn Grooming), (Grouping)
clear clear-10.3-1, free-80-1, other_cos-45.4, preparing-26.3-1, weather-57, (PropBank), (fn Emptying), (fn Removing), (fn Verdict), (Grouping)
clear.n (Grouping)
clear up (fn Resolve_problem)
clearance.n (Grouping)
cleave break-45.1, carve-21.2-1, cling-22.5, (PropBank), (fn Cause_to_fragment), (Grouping)
clench crane-40.3.2, (PropBank)
clerk captain-29.8-1, (PropBank), (fn Being_employed)
click crane-40.3.2, hit-18.1, sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank), (fn Motion_noise), (fn Make_noise), (fn Impact), (fn Cause_impact), (Grouping)
click.n (Grouping)
client.n (Grouping)
climate change.n (Grouping)
climax (PropBank)
climb calibratable_cos-45.6-1, escape-51.1-3, meander-47.7, run-51.3.2, (PropBank), (fn Self_motion), (fn Change_position_on_a_scale), (fn Intentional_traversing), (Grouping)
climb.n (Grouping)
clinch (PropBank), (Grouping)
cling cling-22.5, sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank), (Grouping)
clink sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank), (fn Motion_noise), (fn Impact), (fn Cause_impact)
clip braid-41.2.2, cut-21.1-1, tape-22.4-1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
clip.n (Grouping)
cloak butter-9.9, contiguous_location-47.8, fill-9.8, (PropBank), (fn Adorning), (fn Eclipse), (Grouping)
cloak.n (Grouping)
clobber spank-18.3, (PropBank), (Grouping)
clock register-54.1, (PropBank)
clog fill-9.8, other_cos-45.4, waltz-51.5, (PropBank), (Grouping)
cloister concealment-16, pocket-9.10, (PropBank), (Grouping)
clomp sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank), (fn Self_motion)
clone (PropBank)
close crane-40.3.2, other_cos-45.4, (PropBank), (fn Body_movement), (fn Closure), (Grouping)
close.n (Grouping)
clot (PropBank), (fn Cause_change_of_consistency), (fn Change_of_consistency)
clothe dress-41.1.1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
cloud other_cos-45.4, (PropBank), (Grouping)
clout spank-18.3, (PropBank), (fn Cause_harm)
clout.n (Grouping)
clown (PropBank)
cloy amuse-31.1, (PropBank)
club spank-18.3, (PropBank), (fn Cause_harm), (Grouping)
club.n (Grouping)
cluck animal_sounds-38, manner_speaking-37.3, (PropBank), (fn Communication_noise)
clump run-51.3.2, sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank), (fn Motion_noise), (Grouping)
clunk sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank), (fn Motion_noise), (fn Impact)
cluster herd-47.5.2, shake-22.3-2, (PropBank), (Grouping)
clutch hold-15.1-1, (PropBank), (fn Manipulation), (Grouping)
clutter fill-9.8, (PropBank)
co-anchor (PropBank)
co-author (PropBank)
co-chair (PropBank)
co-edit (PropBank)
co-exist (PropBank)
co-found (PropBank)
co-host (PropBank)
co-manage (PropBank)
co-occur correlate-86.1
co-opt (PropBank)
co-sponsor (PropBank)
co-star (fn Performers_and_roles)
co-star (in) (fn Performers_and_roles)
coach captain-29.8-1, vehicle-51.4.1, (PropBank), (fn Education_teaching), (Grouping)
coach.n (Grouping)
coagulate other_cos-45.4, (PropBank), (fn Cause_change_of_consistency), (fn Change_of_consistency)
coal butter-9.9, (PropBank), (Grouping)
coalesce amalgamate-22.2-1-1, amalgamate-22.2-2-1, appear-48.1.1, mix-22.1-1-1, (PropBank), (fn Cause_to_amalgamate), (fn Coming_to_be)
coarsen other_cos-45.4, (PropBank)
coast run-51.3.2-2, (PropBank), (fn Motion), (fn Self_motion), (fn Ride_vehicle)
coat fill-9.8, (PropBank), (fn Adorning), (fn Filling), (Grouping)
coauthor (PropBank)
coax force-59, (PropBank), (fn Attempt_suasion)
cobble (PropBank)
cock crane-40.3.2, (PropBank), (fn Body_movement), (Grouping)
coddle cooking-45.3, (PropBank), (fn Apply_heat)
code classify-29.10, (PropBank), (Grouping)
code.n (Grouping)
codify (PropBank)
coerce force-59, (PropBank)
coevolve (PropBank)
coexist correspond-36.1, exist-47.1-1, (PropBank)
cohabit correspond-36.1, (PropBank), (fn Personal_relationship)
cohere settle-89, (PropBank), (fn Compatibility), (Grouping)
coif remedy-45.7
coil coil-9.6-1, knead-26.5, roll-51.3.1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
coil.n (Grouping)
coin create-26.4, (PropBank), (fn Invention), (fn Achieving_first), (Grouping)
coincide amalgamate-22.2-2-1, correlate-86.1, (PropBank), (fn Simultaneity), (Grouping)
coldcream braid-41.2.2, (PropBank)
collaborate conspire-71, cooperate-73-1, correspond-36.1, (PropBank), (fn Collaboration), (Grouping)
collapse other_cos-45.4, (PropBank), (Grouping)
collapse.n (Grouping)
collar (PropBank), (fn Arrest)
collar.n (Grouping)
collate shake-22.3-2, (PropBank)
collateralize (PropBank)
collect herd-47.5.2, knead-26.5, obtain-13.5.2, other_cos-45.4, shake-22.3-2, (PropBank), (fn Gathering_up), (fn Commerce_collect), (Grouping)
collection.n (Grouping)
college.n (Grouping)
collide bump-18.4-1, correspond-36.1, (PropBank), (fn Cause_impact), (fn Impact), (Grouping)
collision.n (Grouping)
collocate (fn Word_relations)
collude conspire-71, (PropBank), (fn Collaboration)
colonization.n (Grouping)
colonize (PropBank)
colonoscopy (PropBank)
colony.n (Grouping)
color coloring-24, (PropBank), (Grouping)
colour (Grouping)
column.n (Grouping)
comb braid-41.2.2, search-35.2, wipe_instr-10.4.2-1, (PropBank), (fn Scrutiny), (fn Scouring), (fn Seeking), (fn Grooming), (Grouping)
combat battle-36.4-1, confront-98, (PropBank), (Grouping)
combatant.n (Grouping)
combination.n (Grouping)
combine mix-22.1-1-1, (PropBank), (fn Cause_to_amalgamate), (fn Amalgamation), (Grouping)
combust other_cos-45.4, (PropBank), (fn Setting_fire), (Grouping)
come appear-48.1.1, become-109.1, escape-51.1, (PropBank), (fn Arriving), (Grouping)
come (across) (fn Becoming_aware)
come (upon) (fn Becoming_aware)
come around convert-26.6.2
come back (fn Resurrection), (fn Communication_response)
come clean (fn Reveal_secret)
come forward (fn Reveal_secret)
come into existence (fn Coming_to_be)
come into the world (fn Being_born)
come off (fn Successful_action)
come on heels (fn Relative_time)
come out become-109.1
come to (fn Waking_up)
come to a close (fn Process_end)
come to a end (fn Process_end)
come to be (fn Coming_to_be)
come together (fn Congregating)
come up (fn Sidereal_appearance), (fn Invention)
comfort amuse-31.1, (PropBank), (fn Experiencer_obj), (Grouping)
comfort.n (Grouping)
comic book.n (Grouping)
command order-60-1, (PropBank), (fn Leadership), (fn Request), (Grouping)
command.n (Grouping)
commandeer obtain-13.5.2, steal-10.5, (PropBank)
commander force-59-1
commando.n (Grouping)
commemorate (PropBank), (Grouping)
commence begin-55.1-1, (PropBank), (fn Activity_start), (fn Process_start), (Grouping)
commend judgment-33, (PropBank), (fn Judgment_communication), (Grouping)
comment lecture-37.11-1-1, (PropBank), (fn Statement), (Grouping)
comment.n (Grouping)
commentary.n (Grouping)
commercialize remedy-45.7, (PropBank)
commingle mix-22.1-1-1, (PropBank), (fn Cause_to_amalgamate), (fn Amalgamation)
comminute (PropBank)
commiserate correspond-36.1, empathize-88.2, (PropBank)
commission force-59, (PropBank), (fn Employing), (fn Hiring), (Grouping)
commission.n (Grouping)
commit confine-92-1, dedicate-79, (PropBank), (fn Commitment), (fn Imposing_obligation), (fn Institutionalization), (fn Committing_crime), (Grouping)
commit to memory (fn Memorization)
commitment.n (Grouping)
committee.n (Grouping)
commodify (PropBank)
commodity.n (Grouping)
common sense.n (Grouping)
common stock.n (Grouping)
communicate battle-36.4-1, correspond-36.1, transfer_mesg-37.1.1, (PropBank), (fn Discussion), (fn Communication), (Grouping)
communication.n (Grouping)
community.n (Grouping)
community college.n (Grouping)
commute (PropBank), (fn Commutation), (fn Travel), (Grouping)
compact other_cos-45.4, (PropBank)
company.n (Grouping)
compare amalgamate-22.2-2, (PropBank), (fn Evaluative_comparison), (Grouping)
comparison.n (Grouping)
compartment.n (Grouping)
compel force-59, (PropBank), (Grouping)
compensate equip-13.4.2-1-1, judgment-33, (PropBank), (Grouping)
compensation.n (Grouping)
compete battle-36.4-1, (PropBank), (fn Competition), (Grouping)
competence.n (Grouping)
competition.n (Grouping)
competitor.n (Grouping)
compile build-26.1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
complain complain-37.8, (PropBank), (fn Complaining), (Grouping)
complainant.n (Grouping)
complaint.n (Grouping)
complement (PropBank), (fn Rest)
complete complete-55.2, (PropBank), (fn Activity_finish), (fn Activity_stop), (Grouping)
completion.n (Grouping)
compliance.n (Grouping)
complicate (PropBank), (Grouping)
complication.n (Grouping)
compliment judgment-33, (PropBank), (fn Judgment_direct_address)
comply (PropBank), (fn Compliance), (Grouping)
component.n (Grouping)
comport (fn Compatibility)
compose create-26.4, performance-26.7-2, (PropBank), (fn Behind_the_scenes), (fn Text_creation), (Grouping)
composition.n (Grouping)
compost (PropBank)
compound mix-22.1-1-1, (PropBank), (fn Cause_to_amalgamate), (Grouping)
comprehend comprehend-87.2-1, (PropBank), (fn Grasp), (fn Awareness), (Grouping)
comprehension.n (Grouping)
compress knead-26.5, other_cos-45.4, (PropBank), (Grouping)
comprise (PropBank), (Grouping)
compromise correspond-36.1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
compromise.n (Grouping)
compute create-26.4, (PropBank), (Grouping)
computer.n (Grouping)
computer science.n (Grouping)
computerize (PropBank), (Grouping)
con cheat-10.6-1, force-59-1, (PropBank), (fn Manipulate_into_doing), (Grouping)
concatenate shake-22.3-2-1, (PropBank), (fn Attaching)
conceal concealment-16, (PropBank), (fn Hiding_objects), (fn Eclipse), (Grouping)
concede future_having-13.3, (PropBank), (fn Statement), (Grouping)
conceive characterize-29.2-1, deduce-97.2, (PropBank), (fn Awareness), (fn Invention), (fn Categorization), (Grouping)
concentrate focus-87.1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
concentrate.n (Grouping)
concentration.n (Grouping)
conceptualize (PropBank)
concern amuse-31.1, relate-86.2-1, (PropBank), (fn Cause_emotion), (fn Topic), (Grouping)
concern.n (Grouping)
conciliate (PropBank), (fn Experiencer_obj)
conclude deduce-97.2, stop-55.4-1, (PropBank), (fn Activity_finish), (fn Activity_stop), (fn Coming_to_believe), (fn Process_end), (Grouping)
conclusion.n (Grouping)
concoct create-26.4, (PropBank), (fn Invention), (fn Cooking_creation), (Grouping)
concrete (PropBank)
concur correspond-36.1, settle-89, (PropBank), (fn Be_in_agreement_on_assessment), (Grouping)
condemn judgment-33, suspect-81, (PropBank), (fn Judgment_communication), (Grouping)
condense other_cos-45.4, (PropBank), (fn Change_of_phase), (Grouping)
condescend (PropBank), (Grouping)
condition braid-41.2.2, (PropBank), (Grouping)
condition.n (Grouping)
condone judgment-33, (PropBank), (fn Forgiveness)
conduct accompany-51.7, (PropBank), (fn Conduct), (fn Intentionally_act), (fn Cotheme), (Grouping)
conduct.n (Grouping)
cone (PropBank)
cone down (PropBank)
confabulate correspond-36.1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
confederate amalgamate-22.2-2, (PropBank)
confer chit_chat-37.6, correspond-36.1, (PropBank), (fn Discussion), (Grouping)
conference.n (Grouping)
confess confess-37.10, say-37.7-1, (PropBank), (fn Reveal_secret), (Grouping)
confide say-37.7-1, (PropBank), (fn Reveal_secret), (fn Telling)
configure remedy-45.7, (PropBank)
confine confine-92-1, limit-76, (PropBank), (fn Cause_confinement), (Grouping)
confirm conjecture-29.5-2, indicate-78-1-1, (PropBank), (fn Statement), (fn Verification), (fn Evidence), (fn Rite), (Grouping)
confirmation.n (Grouping)
confiscate steal-10.5, (PropBank), (fn Removing), (Grouping)
conflate amalgamate-22.2-2-1, remedy-45.7, (fn Cause_to_amalgamate)
conflict battle-36.4-1, (PropBank), (fn Compatibility), (Grouping)
conflict.n (Grouping)
conform adjust-26.9, (PropBank), (fn Compliance), (Grouping)
confound amuse-31.1, (PropBank)
confront confront-98, (PropBank), (fn Confronting_problem), (fn Hostile_encounter), (Grouping)
confuse amalgamate-22.2-2, amuse-31.1, (PropBank), (fn Experiencer_obj), (Grouping)
conga waltz-51.5, (PropBank)
congeal other_cos-45.4, (PropBank), (fn Cause_change_of_consistency), (fn Change_of_consistency)
congest (PropBank)
congratulate judgment-33, (PropBank), (Grouping)
congregate herd-47.5.2, (PropBank), (fn Congregating)
conjecture conjecture-29.5-1, (PropBank), (fn Statement)
conjoin amalgamate-22.2-2, (PropBank)
conjugate (PropBank), (Grouping)
conjure create-26.4-1, (PropBank), (fn Evoking), (Grouping)
conk spank-18.3, (PropBank)
connect mix-22.1-2-1, tape-22.4, (PropBank), (fn Attaching), (fn Make_cognitive_connection), (Grouping)
connection.n (Grouping)
connote (PropBank)
conquer subjugate-42.3, (PropBank), (fn Conquering), (Grouping)
consecrate dub-29.3, (PropBank), (fn Rite), (Grouping)
consent settle-89, (PropBank), (fn Commitment), (Grouping)
consequence.n (Grouping)
conservation.n (Grouping)
conserve get-13.5.1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
consider consider-29.9-1-1-1, (PropBank), (fn Categorization), (fn Cogitation), (Grouping)
consideration.n (Grouping)
consign (PropBank)
consist (PropBank), (Grouping)
consolation.n (Grouping)
console amuse-31.1, (PropBank), (fn Experiencer_obj)
consolidate amalgamate-22.2-1-1, amalgamate-22.2-2-1, mix-22.1-1, (PropBank), (fn Cause_to_amalgamate), (Grouping)
consort correspond-36.1, (PropBank)
consortium.n (Grouping)
conspiracy.n (Grouping)
conspire conspire-71, (PropBank), (fn Collaboration), (Grouping)
constellate classify-29.10, (PropBank), (Grouping)
constipate remedy-45.7, (PropBank)
constitute establish-55.5, (PropBank), (Grouping)
constitutionalize establish-55.5, (PropBank), (Grouping)
constrain limit-76, (PropBank), (fn Hindering), (Grouping)
constrict other_cos-45.4, (PropBank)
constringe remedy-45.7, (PropBank)
construct create-26.4, remedy-45.7, (PropBank), (fn Building), (Grouping)
construct.n (Grouping)
construction.n (Grouping)
construe base-97.1, (PropBank), (fn Categorization)
consult battle-36.4, inquire-37.1.2, meet-36.3-1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
consultant.n (Grouping)
consultation.n (Grouping)
consume consume-66, devour-39.4-1, (PropBank), (fn Ingestion), (Grouping)
consumer.n (Grouping)
consummate (PropBank)
consumption.n (Grouping)
contact (PropBank), (fn Contacting), (Grouping)
contact.n (Grouping)
contain contiguous_location-47.8, fit-54.3, (PropBank), (fn Inclusion), (fn Containing), (Grouping)
container.n (Grouping)
contaminate fill-9.8, (PropBank), (Grouping)
contemplate (PropBank), (fn Cogitation), (Grouping)
contemporize (PropBank)
contend battle-36.4, conjecture-29.5-2, (PropBank), (fn Statement), (Grouping)
content amuse-31.1, (PropBank)
content.n (Grouping)
contention.n (Grouping)
contest (PropBank), (Grouping)
contest.n (Grouping)
contextualize remedy-45.7, (PropBank)
continue continue-55.3, sustain-55.6, (PropBank), (fn Process_continue), (fn Activity_ongoing), (Grouping)
contort knead-26.5, (PropBank)
contract hire-13.5.3, other_cos-45.4, settle-89, (PropBank), (fn Expansion), (Grouping)
contract.n (Grouping)
contracting.n (Grouping)
contradict (PropBank), (fn Evidence), (Grouping)
contraflow (PropBank)
contraindicate (PropBank)
contrast amalgamate-22.2-2-1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
contrast.n (Grouping)
contravene (PropBank), (fn Compliance)
contribute contribute-13.2-1-1, (PropBank), (fn Giving), (Grouping)
contribution.n (Grouping)
contrive create-26.4, (PropBank), (fn Invention), (Grouping)
control enforce-63, (PropBank), (Grouping)
control.n (Grouping)
controversy.n (Grouping)
contuse hurt-40.8.3-2
convalesce (PropBank), (fn Recovery)
convene herd-47.5.2, (PropBank), (fn Gathering_up), (fn Congregating), (Grouping)
convention.n (Grouping)
converge focus-87.1, meander-47.7, (PropBank), (Grouping)
conversation.n (Grouping)
converse chit_chat-37.6, (PropBank), (fn Chatting)
conversion.n (Grouping)
convert convert-26.6.2-1, turn-26.6.1-1, (PropBank), (fn Exchange_currency), (fn Cause_change), (Grouping)
convert.n (Grouping)
convey say-37.7-1, send-11.1, (PropBank), (fn Successfully_communicate_message), (fn Bringing), (Grouping)
conveyor.n (Grouping)
convict (PropBank), (fn Verdict), (Grouping)
convict.n (Grouping)
conviction.n (Grouping)
convince amuse-31.1, force-59, (PropBank), (fn Suasion), (fn Eventive_cognizer_affecting), (Grouping)
convoke (PropBank)
convolute (PropBank)
convulse body_internal_states-40.6, (PropBank), (Grouping)
coo animal_sounds-38, manner_speaking-37.3, (PropBank), (fn Make_noise), (fn Communication_noise)
cook build-26.1, cooking-45.3, preparing-26.3-1, (PropBank), (fn Apply_heat), (fn Cooking_creation), (fn Absorb_heat), (Grouping)
cook.n (Grouping)
cook up preparing-26.3-1, (fn Invention), (fn Cooking_creation)
cool other_cos-45.4, (PropBank), (fn Cause_temperature_change), (fn Inchoative_change_of_temperature), (Grouping)
cool.n (Grouping)
cool down (fn Cause_temperature_change)
cool off (fn Inchoative_change_of_temperature)
coop pocket-9.10, (PropBank)
cooperate cooperate-73-1, correspond-36.1, (PropBank), (fn Collaboration), (Grouping)
cooperation.n (Grouping)
coordinate (PropBank), (Grouping)
cop steal-10.5-1, (PropBank), (fn Arrest), (Grouping)
cope cope-83-1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
copy scribble-25.2, transcribe-25.4, (PropBank), (fn Duplication), (fn Imitating), (Grouping)
copy.n (Grouping)
copyright patent-101, (PropBank)
cordon (PropBank)
core pit-10.7, (PropBank), (fn Emptying)
core.n (Grouping)
cork butter-9.9, (PropBank)
corner (PropBank), (Grouping)
coronate appoint-29.1, (fn Change_of_leadership)
corporation.n (Grouping)
corral pocket-9.10, (PropBank), (Grouping)
correct remedy-45.7, (PropBank), (Grouping)
correlate amalgamate-22.2-2-1, correlate-86.1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
correspond battle-36.4-1, correspond-36.1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
corroborate indicate-78, transfer_mesg-37.1.1, (PropBank), (fn Evidence), (Grouping)
corrode entity_specific_cos-45.5, other_cos-45.4, (PropBank), (fn Corroding), (fn Corroding_caused)
corrugate other_cos-45.4, (PropBank)
corrupt other_cos-45.4, (PropBank), (Grouping)
coruscate (fn Location_of_light), (fn Light_movement)
cosh spank-18.3, (PropBank)
cosset (PropBank)
cost cost-54.2, (PropBank), (fn Expensiveness), (Grouping)
cost.n (Grouping)
costume (PropBank)
couch (PropBank), (fn Encoding)
cough breathe-40.1.2-1, nonverbal_expression-40.2, (PropBank), (fn Make_noise)
coumadinize (PropBank)
counsel advise-37.9-1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
counsel.n (Grouping)
count characterize-29.2, estimate-34.2, masquerade-29.6, matter-91, multiply-108, rely-70, (PropBank), (fn Reliance), (fn Being_in_category), (fn Importance), (fn Categorization), (Grouping)
count.n (Grouping)
count (on) (fn Reliance_on_expectation)
countenance (PropBank)
counter confront-98, (PropBank), (fn Communication_response), (Grouping)
counteract remedy-45.7, (PropBank), (Grouping)
counterattack (PropBank)
counterbalance (PropBank)
counterchallenge (PropBank)
counterfeit (PropBank), (fn Forging), (fn Feigning)
counterprogram (PropBank)
countersue (PropBank)
countervail (PropBank)
country.n (Grouping)
county.n (Grouping)
couple amalgamate-22.2-1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
couple.n (Grouping)
courier.n (Grouping)
course (PropBank), (fn Fluidic_motion)
course.n (Grouping)
coursework.n (Grouping)
court marry-36.2, (PropBank), (fn Personal_relationship), (Grouping)
court.n (Grouping)
covenant settle-89, (fn Commitment)
cover contiguous_location-47.8, fill-9.8, (PropBank), (fn Filling), (fn Adorning), (fn Topic), (fn Eclipse), (Grouping)
cover.n (Grouping)
coverage.n (Grouping)
covet want-32.1, (PropBank), (fn Desiring)
cow amuse-31.1, (PropBank)
cower body_internal_states-40.6, flinch-40.5, (PropBank)
cowrite create-26.4, (PropBank)
cox captain-29.8-1, (PropBank)
cozen cheat-10.6-1, force-59, (PropBank), (Grouping)
cpu.n (Grouping)
crab berry-13.7, complain-37.8, (PropBank)
crack break-45.1, bump-18.4-1, sound_emission-43.2, spank-18.3, (PropBank), (fn Cause_harm), (Grouping)
crack.n (Grouping)
crackle sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank), (fn Motion_noise), (Grouping)
cradle (PropBank)
craft create-26.4-1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
cram learn-14-1, spray-9.7-1-1, (PropBank), (fn Education_teaching), (fn Placing), (fn Filling), (Grouping)
cramp (PropBank), (Grouping)
crane crane-40.3.2, (PropBank), (fn Body_movement)
crank (PropBank), (Grouping)
crash break-45.1, bump-18.4-1, sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank), (fn Motion_noise), (fn Impact), (fn Cause_impact), (Grouping)
crash-test (fn Operational_testing)
crash.n (Grouping)
crate pocket-9.10, (PropBank), (fn Placing)
crave long-32.2-1, want-32.1, (PropBank), (fn Desiring), (Grouping)
crawl meander-47.7, run-51.3.2, swarm-47.5.1-1, (PropBank), (fn Self_motion), (fn Abounding_with), (Grouping)
crayon scribble-25.2, (PropBank)
craze (PropBank)
creak sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank), (fn Motion_noise), (fn Make_noise), (fn Cause_to_make_noise)
cream mix-22.1-1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
crease bend-45.2, (PropBank), (fn Body_movement)
create create-26.4, engender-27, (PropBank), (fn Creating), (fn Invention), (fn Intentionally_create), (fn Cause_to_start), (Grouping)
creation.n (Grouping)
credential patent-101, (PropBank)
credit fulfilling-13.4.1-1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
credit.n (Grouping)
creep modes_of_being_with_motion-47.3, run-51.3.2, swarm-47.5.1-1, (PropBank), (fn Self_motion), (Grouping)
creep.n (Grouping)
cremate remedy-45.7, (PropBank)
crepitate sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank), (fn Make_noise)
crest meander-47.7, (PropBank), (fn Arriving), (fn Path_shape)
crew captain-29.8-1, (PropBank)
crime.n (Grouping)
criminalize (PropBank)
crimp braid-41.2.2, (PropBank)
crimson other_cos-45.4, (PropBank)
cringe flinch-40.5, marvel-31.3-1, (PropBank)
crinkle bend-45.2, (PropBank), (fn Body_movement)
cripple orphan-29.7, (PropBank), (Grouping)
crisp cooking-45.3, other_cos-45.4, (PropBank)
crisscross amalgamate-22.2-2-1, meander-47.7, (PropBank), (fn Path_shape), (fn Traversing)
critic.n (Grouping)
criticism.n (Grouping)
criticize judgment-33, (PropBank), (fn Judgment_communication), (Grouping)
critique (PropBank), (fn Judgment_communication)
croak animal_sounds-38, manner_speaking-37.3, (PropBank), (fn Make_noise), (fn Death), (fn Communication_noise), (Grouping)
croak it (fn Death)
crochet build-26.1, (PropBank)
crook crane-40.3.2, (PropBank)
croon manner_speaking-37.3, (PropBank), (fn Make_noise), (fn Communication_noise)
crop braid-41.2.2, carve-21.2-2, (PropBank), (Grouping)
crop.n (Grouping)
cross contiguous_location-47.8-1, crane-40.3.2, escape-51.1-3, meander-47.7, (PropBank), (fn Path_shape), (fn Traversing), (fn Body_movement), (Grouping)
cross-examine interrogate-37.1.3, (PropBank), (fn Court_examination)
cross-pollinate (PropBank)
cross-reference (PropBank)
cross.n (Grouping)
crossing.n (Grouping)
crosspollinate (PropBank)
crouch assuming_position-50, spatial_configuration-47.6, (PropBank), (fn Posture), (fn Change_posture)
crouch down (fn Change_posture)
crow animal_sounds-38, manner_speaking-37.3, (PropBank), (fn Communication_noise), (Grouping)
crowd spray-9.7-1-1, (PropBank), (fn Mass_motion), (fn Filling), (Grouping)
crown appoint-29.1, butter-9.9, dub-29.3, (PropBank), (fn Change_of_leadership), (Grouping)
crucify poison-42.2, (PropBank), (fn Killing), (Grouping)
cruise nonvehicle-51.4.2, (PropBank), (fn Ride_vehicle), (fn Operate_vehicle), (fn Self_motion), (Grouping)
crumb butter-9.9, carve-21.2-2, (PropBank), (Grouping)
crumble carve-21.2-1, other_cos-45.4, (PropBank), (fn Grinding), (Grouping)
crump (PropBank), (Grouping)
crumple bend-45.2, carve-21.2-1, (PropBank), (fn Body_movement), (fn Reshaping), (Grouping)
crunch bump-18.4-1, carve-21.2-1, chew-39.2-1, sound_emission-43.2, spank-18.3, (PropBank), (fn Motion_noise), (fn Make_noise), (fn Grinding), (fn Impact), (Grouping)
crush amuse-31.1, break-45.1, carve-21.2-1, subjugate-42.3, (PropBank), (fn Cause_harm), (fn Reshaping), (fn Grinding), (Grouping)
crust entity_specific_cos-45.5, (PropBank)
cry breathe-40.1.2-1, manner_speaking-37.3, marvel-31.3-3, nonverbal_expression-40.2, sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank), (fn Communication_noise), (Grouping)
cry.n (Grouping)
crystallize other_cos-45.4, (PropBank), (Grouping)
cub calve-28, (PropBank)
cube carve-21.2-1, (PropBank), (fn Cutting)
cubicle.n (Grouping)
cuckold orphan-29.7, (PropBank)
cuckoo animal_sounds-38, (PropBank)
cuddle marry-36.2, (PropBank)
cudgel spank-18.3, (PropBank), (fn Cause_harm)
cudgel.n (Grouping)
cuff spank-18.3, (PropBank), (fn Cause_harm)
cull cheat-10.6, remove-10.1, (PropBank)
culminate (PropBank), (Grouping)
culmination.n (Grouping)
cultivate preparing-26.3-1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
culture (PropBank)
culture.n (Grouping)
cum (PropBank)
cup pocket-9.10, (PropBank), (Grouping)
curb subjugate-42.3, (PropBank), (Grouping)
curdle other_cos-45.4, (PropBank), (fn Change_of_consistency), (fn Cause_change_of_consistency)
cure cheat-10.6, free-80-1, (PropBank), (fn Preserving), (fn Cure), (Grouping)
cure.n (Grouping)
curl braid-41.2.2, coil-9.6-1, (PropBank), (fn Hair_configuration), (Grouping)
currency.n (Grouping)
curriculum.n (Grouping)
curry groom-41.1.2, (PropBank)
curse judgment-33, (PropBank), (Grouping)
curtail (PropBank), (fn Cause_change_of_position_on_a_scale), (Grouping)
curtain concealment-16, (PropBank)
curtsey curtsey-40.3.3, (PropBank)
curtsy (fn Body_movement)
curve knead-26.5, (PropBank), (Grouping)
cushion (PropBank), (Grouping)
customer.n (Grouping)
customize (PropBank), (Grouping)
cut amuse-31.1, braid-41.2.2, build-26.1-1, cut-21.1-1, hurt-40.8.3-2, meander-47.7, split-23.2, (PropBank), (fn Cause_change_of_position_on_a_scale), (fn Cutting), (fn Intentional_traversing), (fn Change_direction), (fn Cause_harm), (fn Experience_bodily_harm), (Grouping)
cut.n (Grouping)
cycle vehicle-51.4.1-1, (PropBank), (fn Operate_vehicle), (Grouping)
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VerbNet class names for this letter
Total classes represented for this letter: 42


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