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k.o. spank-18.3
karaoke.n (Grouping)
kayak vehicle-51.4.1-1, (PropBank)
kayo (PropBank)
keen manner_speaking-37.3, sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank), (fn Make_noise)
keep keep-15.2, seem-109, sustain-55.6, (PropBank), (fn Cause_to_continue), (fn Compliance), (fn Storing), (fn Activity_ongoing), (Grouping)
keep-vpc (Grouping)
keep away (fn Avoiding)
keep down subjugate-42.3
keep on (fn Activity_ongoing)
keep up sustain-55.6, (fn Activity_ongoing)
kennel pocket-9.10, (PropBank)
keno.n (Grouping)
key (PropBank), (fn Damaging), (Grouping)
ki-yi animal_sounds-38, (PropBank)
kick body_internal_motion-49, carry-11.4-1-1, crane-40.3.2, hit-18.1-1, split-23.2, swat-18.2, throw-17.1-1-1, (PropBank), (fn Cause_harm), (Grouping)
kick.n (Grouping)
kick off (fn Undressing)
kick the bucket (fn Death)
kid (PropBank), (fn Birth), (fn Prevarication), (Grouping)
kidnap steal-10.5, (PropBank), (fn Kidnapping), (Grouping)
kill murder-42.1-1, subjugate-42.3, (PropBank), (fn Killing), (Grouping)
kill.n (Grouping)
killing.n (Grouping)
kilometer.n (Grouping)
kind.n (Grouping)
kindergarten.n (Grouping)
kindle engender-27, other_cos-45.4, preparing-26.3-1, (PropBank), (fn Cause_to_start), (fn Setting_fire), (Grouping)
kip (fn Sleep)
kiss marry-36.2, touch-20-1, (PropBank), (fn Manipulation), (Grouping)
kiss.n (Grouping)
kitten calve-28, (PropBank)
kitty.n (Grouping)
knead knead-26.5, touch-20-1, (PropBank), (fn Manipulation)
knee spank-18.3, (PropBank), (fn Cause_harm)
kneel assuming_position-50, curtsey-40.3.3, spatial_configuration-47.6, (PropBank), (fn Posture), (fn Body_movement), (fn Change_posture)
kneel down (fn Change_posture)
kneel up (fn Change_posture)
knell sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank)
knife poison-42.2, spank-18.3, (PropBank), (fn Cause_harm)
knight orphan-29.7, (PropBank)
knit build-26.1, crane-40.3.2, (PropBank), (Grouping)
knock bump-18.4-1, hit-18.1-1, sound_emission-43.2, split-23.2, throw-17.1-1, (PropBank), (fn Cause_motion), (fn Cause_harm), (Grouping)
knock.n (Grouping)
knock down (fn Cause_change_of_position_on_a_scale)
knock off steal-10.5
knock out (fn Render_nonfunctional)
knot tape-22.4, (PropBank), (fn Rope_manipulation), (Grouping)
know characterize-29.2-1, conjecture-29.5-1, consider-29.9-1-1, (PropBank), (fn Familiarity), (fn Awareness), (Grouping)
knowledge base.n (Grouping)
konk out change_bodily_state-40.8.4, (fn Fall_asleep)
kowtow (PropBank)
kvetch complain-37.8, (PropBank)
Total verbs represented for this letter: 53
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Total classes represented for this letter: 2


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