VxC: A VerbNet-Cyc Mapper
In order to demonstrate the usefulness of the Inspector application framework and to create an application beneficial to the natural language processing community, a VerbNet-Cyc mapping system has been created called VxC.

VxC automatically generates a set of matches between Cyc's verbSemTrans predicates and VerbNet's members and frames. The method it operates under is a form of constraint satisfaction.

The Inspector's verb-frame pair option is used to iterate through each frame a member can participate in for a given class. Each verb-frame pair is compared to each Cyc verbSemTrans rule and if this comparison satisfies all the constraints then the two are assumed to be good match.

In order to gauge the performance of possible constraints, a manual mapping was created that supplements VxC's execution. It provides for a detailed analysis of the mapping process to be generated for analysis.

The VxC application can be run with individual constraints or with any combination thereof. All constraints implemented in the application are those which showed promising results when applied to the VerbNet and Cyc data. VxC also makes it easy to experiment with new constraints for further research into the area.

Complete source code and Javadoc files
Download - also includes README, example compile and run scripts, and supporting files. Usage provided for convenience online here.

Complete online Javadoc documentation
Javadoc Documentation - provided here for convenience. As this is a research application, private members are included as well.

Results Of VxC
Results - Summarizes the accuracy of each constraint and contains the final automatic mapping generated by VxC.
This page created on 2006.10.25.