For the purposes of increasing the availability of VerbNet, a simple yet useful tool has been developed for researchers. The Inspector is a console-based application written in Java that simplifies the presentation of the XML files that comprise VerbNet (available here).

The Inspector provides for a simple-text representation of these XML files. What makes the tool so versatile is the fact that you get to choose exactly what you want to see. You have an incredible amount of control over what elements of the XML files are output. You could, for example, view all members by class, all semantic predicates by file, or even view every example in VerbNet at once in one big list. Check out some examples now!

Even more importantly than serving as a VerbNet viewer, the Inspector was designed to be extended for use in custom VerbNet applications. Do you have your own natural language processing application into which you would like to integrate VerbNet? Would you like to map VerbNet to an existing lexicon?
This tool is ready to make that happen. The Inspector includes an event system which fires events as various elements in the XML files are encountered. All you need do is insert your custom code at these clearly marked locations and voila! - you have access to this incredible lexicon for your personal applications.

Complete source code and Javadoc files
Download - also includes README, example compile and run scripts, and mock application. Usage provided for convenience online here.

Complete online Javadoc documentation
Javadoc Documentation - provided here for convenience. As this is a research application, private members are included as well. Mock application Javadoc is here.

Online guide for extending the Inspector
Extension Guide - in addition to the mock application provided in the download, this page details the extension process to get you up and rolling.

Problems? Bug report? E-mail:   derek dot trumbo at colorado dot edu
This page created on 2006.10.15.