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gab chit_chat-37.6, (PropBank), (fn Chatting)
gabble manner_speaking-37.3, (PropBank), (fn Communication_manner)
gag butter-9.9, subjugate-42.3, (PropBank), (Grouping)
gain calibratable_cos-45.6-1, get-13.5.1-1, (PropBank), (fn Change_position_on_a_scale), (fn Getting), (Grouping)
gain.n (Grouping)
gall amuse-31.1, (PropBank), (fn Experiencer_obj)
gallivant run-51.3.2, (fn Self_motion)
gallop run-51.3.2-2, (PropBank), (Grouping)
galvanize amuse-31.1, (PropBank), (fn Processing_materials), (Grouping)
gamble rely-70, risk-94, (PropBank), (Grouping)
gamble.n (Grouping)
gambol run-51.3.2, (PropBank), (fn Self_motion)
game.n (Grouping)
gang together (fn Congregating)
gap.n (Grouping)
gape nonverbal_expression-40.2, peer-30.3, (PropBank), (fn Perception_active)
garage pocket-9.10, (PropBank), (fn Placing)
garb being_dressed-41.3.3, (PropBank)
garble (PropBank)
garden (PropBank)
garden.n (Grouping)
garland butter-9.9, fill-9.8, (PropBank)
garner (PropBank), (Grouping)
garnish fill-9.8, (PropBank), (fn Adorning)
garrotte poison-42.2, (PropBank), (fn Killing)
gas butter-9.9, poison-42.2, (PropBank)
gas.n (Grouping)
gash carve-21.2-1, spank-18.3, (PropBank), (fn Cause_harm)
gasify other_cos-45.4, (PropBank)
gasoline.n (Grouping)
gasp manner_speaking-37.3, nonverbal_expression-40.2, (PropBank), (fn Make_noise), (fn Breathing), (fn Communication_noise)
gate (PropBank)
gather deduce-97.2, get-13.5.1, herd-47.5.2, shake-22.3-2, (PropBank), (fn Gathering_up), (fn Congregating), (Grouping)
gauge estimate-34.2, price-54.4, (PropBank), (Grouping)
gawk nonverbal_expression-40.2, peer-30.3, (PropBank), (fn Perception_active)
gaze peer-30.3, (PropBank), (fn Perception_active)
gdp.n (Grouping)
gear adjust-26.9, (PropBank), (Grouping)
gear up (fn Activity_prepare)
gel braid-41.2.2
gelatinize other_cos-45.4, (PropBank), (Grouping)
geminate (PropBank), (Grouping)
gen.n (Grouping)
gene.n (Grouping)
general.n (Grouping)
general manager.n (Grouping)
generalize (PropBank), (Grouping)
generate engender-27, grow-26.2, (PropBank), (fn Intentionally_create), (fn Birth), (fn Creating), (fn Cause_to_start), (Grouping)
generation.n (Grouping)
genome.n (Grouping)
gentle (PropBank), (Grouping)
gentrify other_cos-45.4
genuflect curtsey-40.3.3, (PropBank)
germanize other_cos-45.4, (PropBank)
germinate entity_specific_cos-45.5, (PropBank)
gestate (PropBank)
gesticulate (PropBank), (fn Gesture)
gesture wink-40.3.1-1, (PropBank), (fn Gesture)
gesture.n (Grouping)
get become-109.1, convert-26.6.2, get-13.5.1-1, (PropBank), (fn Grasp), (fn Becoming), (fn Birth), (fn Bringing), (fn Board_vehicle), (fn Disembarking), (fn Getting), (fn Arriving), (Grouping)
get-vpc (Grouping)
get across (fn Successfully_communicate_message)
get around convert-26.6.2
get away withdraw-82-2, (fn Evading)
get back (fn Revenge)
get by cope-83-1-1
get down convert-26.6.2, (fn Text_creation)
get even (fn Revenge)
get free (fn Escaping)
get going (fn Getting_underway)
get in touch (fn Contacting)
get loose (fn Escaping)
get on (fn Dressing)
get out withdraw-82-1, (fn Escaping)
get ready (fn Activity_prepare)
get through cope-83-1-1, (fn Successfully_communicate_message)
get under way (fn Getting_underway)
get up (fn Getting_up), (fn Cause_to_wake), (fn Waking_up)
ghost run-51.3.2, (PropBank), (Grouping)
gibber manner_speaking-37.3, (PropBank), (fn Communication_manner)
gibe judgment-33, (PropBank), (fn Judgment_communication)
gift contribute-13.2, (PropBank), (fn Giving), (Grouping)
gift.n (Grouping)
giggle nonverbal_expression-40.2, (PropBank), (fn Make_noise)
gild fill-9.8, illustrate-25.3, (PropBank), (fn Filling)
gill pit-10.7, (PropBank)
gird (PropBank)
give give-13.1-1, (PropBank), (fn Giving), (Grouping)
give in acquiesce-95, (fn Giving_in)
give job (fn Hiring)
give notice (fn Quitting)
give off (fn Emitting)
give out (fn Giving)
give the boot fire-10.10, (fn Firing)
give the slip (fn Evading)
give thought (fn Cogitation)
give up (fn Surrendering)
give voice (fn Expressing_publicly)
give way (fn Giving_in)
gladden amuse-31.1, marvel-31.3-1, other_cos-45.4, (PropBank), (fn Experiencer_obj)
glamorize (PropBank)
glance peer-30.3, (PropBank), (fn Perception_active), (Grouping)
glare light_emission-43.1, nonverbal_expression-40.2, peer-30.3, (PropBank), (Grouping)
glass butter-9.9, (PropBank), (Grouping)
glaze butter-9.9, coloring-24, (PropBank), (fn Filling), (Grouping)
gleam light_emission-43.1, (PropBank), (fn Location_of_light), (fn Light_movement), (Grouping)
glean learn-14-2, (PropBank)
glide roll-51.3.1, run-51.3.2-2, (PropBank), (fn Motion), (Grouping)
glimmer light_emission-43.1, (PropBank), (fn Location_of_light), (fn Light_movement)
glimpse sight-30.2, (PropBank)
glint light_emission-43.1, (PropBank), (fn Location_of_light), (fn Light_movement)
glisten light_emission-43.1, (PropBank), (fn Location_of_light), (fn Light_movement)
glister (fn Location_of_light), (fn Light_movement)
glitter light_emission-43.1, (PropBank), (fn Location_of_light), (fn Light_movement)
gloat marvel-31.3-8, (PropBank), (fn Statement)
globalization.n (Grouping)
globalize other_cos-45.4, (PropBank)
globetrot run-51.3.2, (PropBank)
glom shake-22.3-2, (PropBank)
glorify judgment-33, overstate-37.12, (PropBank), (Grouping)
glory marvel-31.3-5, (PropBank)
gloss (PropBank), (Grouping)
glossary.n (Grouping)
glove butter-9.9, (PropBank)
glow light_emission-43.1, (PropBank), (fn Location_of_light), (fn Light_movement), (Grouping)
glower nonverbal_expression-40.2, (PropBank)
glue tape-22.4, (PropBank), (fn Attaching), (fn Building), (Grouping)
glut (PropBank)
glutenize other_cos-45.4, (PropBank)
glycosylate (PropBank)
gnash crane-40.3.2, (PropBank), (fn Body_movement)
gnaw chew-39.2-1, (PropBank)
go become-109.1, escape-51.1, meander-47.7, (PropBank), (fn Becoming), (fn Motion), (fn Compatibility), (fn Being_named), (Grouping)
go ((through)) (fn Scrutiny)
go about confront-98
go apeshit marvel-31.3-1, marvel-31.3-2, marvel-31.3-8, (fn Losing_it)
go back convert-26.6.2, (fn Going_back_on_a_commitment)
go back and forth (fn Waver_between_options)
go ballistic marvel-31.3-1, marvel-31.3-2, marvel-31.3-8, (fn Losing_it)
go on begin-55.1, (fn Process_continue), (fn Speak_on_topic)
go over assessment-34.1
go without (fn Forgoing)
goad force-59, (PropBank), (Grouping)
goal.n (Grouping)
gobble animal_sounds-38, gobble-39.3-1, (PropBank), (fn Make_noise), (fn Ingestion)
goggle nonverbal_expression-40.2, peer-30.3, (PropBank), (fn Perception_active)
gold.n (Grouping)
golf (PropBank)
golf course.n (Grouping)
gondola vehicle-51.4.1, (PropBank)
good.n (Grouping)
good health.n (Grouping)
goof (PropBank)
goose-step (PropBank), (fn Self_motion)
goose step run-51.3.2
gore (PropBank)
gorge gorge-39.6, (PropBank)
gossip chit_chat-37.6, (PropBank), (fn Chatting)
got on (fn Wearing)
got to (fn Required_event), (fn Being_obligated)
gotta (fn Required_event), (fn Being_obligated)
gouge carve-21.2-1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
govern (PropBank), (fn Leadership), (Grouping)
government.n (Grouping)
grab hold-15.1-1, obtain-13.5.2, steal-10.5-1, (PropBank), (fn Manipulation), (fn Taking), (Grouping)
grab.n (Grouping)
grab hold (fn Manipulation)
grace fill-9.8, (PropBank)
grace.n (Grouping)
grade classify-29.10, remedy-45.7, (PropBank), (fn Assessing), (Grouping)
grade.n (Grouping)
graduate (PropBank)
graduate school.n (Grouping)
graduate student.n (Grouping)
graffiti butter-9.9, (PropBank)
graft shake-22.3-2-1, (PropBank)
grandstand (PropBank)
grant conjecture-29.5-2, future_having-13.3, (PropBank), (Grouping)
grant.n (Grouping)
granulate other_cos-45.4, (PropBank)
graphic.n (Grouping)
grapple cope-83-1-1, (PropBank)
grasp comprehend-87.2-1, hold-15.1-1, touch-20-1, (PropBank), (fn Grasp), (fn Manipulation), (Grouping)
grasp.n (Grouping)
grass butter-9.9, (PropBank), (Grouping)
grate appeal-31.4-2, carve-21.2-1, (PropBank), (fn Communication_noise), (fn Grinding), (fn Friction), (Grouping)
gratify amuse-31.1, (PropBank), (fn Experiencer_obj)
gratitude.n (Grouping)
gravel butter-9.9, (PropBank)
gravitate (PropBank), (Grouping)
gray other_cos-45.4, (PropBank)
graze dine-39.5, hurt-40.8.3, touch-20-1, (PropBank), (fn Experience_bodily_harm), (fn Impact), (fn Cause_impact), (Grouping)
grease butter-9.9, (PropBank)
green entity_specific_cos-45.5, (PropBank)
greenlight (fn Grant_permission)
greet judgment-33, (PropBank), (Grouping)
greeting.n (Grouping)
grid.n (Grouping)
grief.n (Grouping)
grievance.n (Grouping)
grieve amuse-31.1, marvel-31.3-3, marvel-31.3-8, (PropBank), (fn Experiencer_subj)
grill cooking-45.3, preparing-26.3-2, (PropBank), (fn Apply_heat), (fn Questioning), (Grouping)
grimace nonverbal_expression-40.2, (PropBank), (fn Making_faces)
grin nonverbal_expression-40.2, (PropBank), (fn Making_faces)
grind build-26.1, carve-21.2-1, crane-40.3.2, (PropBank), (fn Grinding), (fn Body_movement), (Grouping)
grinder.n (Grouping)
grip hold-15.1-1, touch-20-1, (PropBank), (fn Manipulation), (Grouping)
gripe complain-37.8, (PropBank), (fn Complaining), (fn Bragging)
grit (PropBank)
groan animal_sounds-38, manner_speaking-37.3, nonverbal_expression-40.2, sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank), (fn Communication_noise)
grocery store.n (Grouping)
grok (PropBank)
groom groom-41.1.2, (PropBank), (fn Grooming), (Grouping)
groove butter-9.9, marvel-31.3-7, (PropBank)
grope rummage-35.5-1, touch-20-1, (PropBank), (fn Manipulation), (fn Seeking), (Grouping)
gross (PropBank)
grouch complain-37.8, (PropBank)
ground base-97.1, pocket-9.10-1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
ground.n (Grouping)
group classify-29.10, herd-47.5.2, shake-22.3-2, (PropBank), (Grouping)
group.n (Grouping)
grouping templa.e (Grouping)
grouse berry-13.7, complain-37.8, (PropBank), (fn Complaining)
grovel (PropBank)
grow appear-48.1.1, become-109.1, build-26.1, calibratable_cos-45.6-1, grow-26.2, other_cos-45.4, (PropBank), (fn Becoming), (fn Expansion), (fn Cause_expansion), (fn Change_position_on_a_scale), (Grouping)
growl animal_sounds-38, manner_speaking-37.3, nonverbal_expression-40.2, sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank), (fn Make_noise), (fn Communication_noise)
growth.n (Grouping)
growth hormone.n (Grouping)
growth rate.n (Grouping)
grudge admire-31.2, (PropBank)
grumble complain-37.8, manner_speaking-37.3, (PropBank), (fn Complaining), (Grouping)
grunt animal_sounds-38, manner_speaking-37.3, (PropBank), (fn Make_noise), (fn Communication_noise)
guarantee conjecture-29.5-2, ensure-99, future_having-13.3, promise-37.13, (PropBank), (Grouping)
guarantee.n (Grouping)
guard captain-29.8-1, defend-85, (PropBank), (Grouping)
guess conjecture-29.5-1, discover-84, estimate-34.2, (PropBank), (fn Coming_to_believe), (Grouping)
guess.n (Grouping)
guesstimate estimate-34.2, (PropBank)
guest lodge-46
guffaw nonverbal_expression-40.2, (PropBank), (fn Make_noise)
guidance.n (Grouping)
guide accompany-51.7, force-59-1, (PropBank), (fn Influence_of_event_on_cognizer), (fn Cotheme), (Grouping)
guide.n (Grouping)
guideline.n (Grouping)
guild.n (Grouping)
guillotine (fn Execution)
gull cheat-10.6, (PropBank)
gulp gobble-39.3-2, (PropBank), (fn Ingestion)
gum chew-39.2-1, tape-22.4, tape-22.4-1, (PropBank), (fn Attaching), (Grouping)
gum up fill-9.8
gun (PropBank)
gun.n (Grouping)
gurgle manner_speaking-37.3, sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank), (fn Motion_noise), (fn Make_noise), (fn Communication_noise), (Grouping)
guru.n (Grouping)
gush appear-48.1.1, marvel-31.3-8, substance_emission-43.4, (PropBank), (fn Fluidic_motion), (Grouping)
gussy dressing_well-41.3.2
gust weather-57, (PropBank)
gut pit-10.7, (PropBank), (fn Emptying)
gutter (PropBank)
guzzle gobble-39.3-2, (PropBank), (fn Ingestion)
gyrate body_internal_motion-49, (PropBank)
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