The Bilingual School of Arapahoe

Speaking Arapaho



Since you've been learning Arapaho for some time now (either at school or in the Learning Section), you must be very excited to start speaking it. If you are still not sure how to say things in Arapaho, we offer you this section.


In this section you will find a variety of everyday situations you can start speaking Arapaho in. The phrases provided here are conversation starters and examples of how to talk to other Arapaho. We encourage you to change our examples so that they fit your conversation better instead of memorizing them. Try using these expressions at Arapaho events and with other Arapaho speakers.


A mural in the library of the Wind River Tribal College


Please refer to the links on the left of this page to browse different topics to talk about in Arapaho. NBA Basketball Team Names and NFL Team Names in Arapaho are both new sections, and Football Terms and Track and Field are new sections added from the March 2014 Cheyenne-Arapaho language conference.



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