For those who don't know what this word refers to, figure it out from the sentences below!


Play Hii3eih-t = He/she is nice

Play Hii3eihi-n = You are nice

    Koo-ne-i3eih = Am I good/nice?

    Koo-hi-i3eih = Is he/she nice?

    Hii3eihi-3i' = They are nice

    Hii3eihi-nee = You (pl.) are nice


Play Hii3owooneih-t = He/she is good-looking

    Hii3owooneihi-n = You are good-looking

    Koo-hi3owooneih = Is he/she good-looking?

    Hoowu-u3owooneih = He/she is not good-looking


Play Beebeeneih-t = She is a real buckskin beauty

    Beebeeneihi-n = You are a real buckskin beauty

    Koo-bebeeneih = Is she a buckskin beauty?

    Hoow-bebeeneih = She is not a buckskin beauty


    Nii'onoh'ehiini-t = He is real handsome

    Nii'onoh'ehiini-n = You are real handsome

    Koo-ni'onoh'ehiin = Is he real handsome?

    Hoowu-ni'onoh'ehiin = He is not real handsome


Play Benii'e'ee-noo (or benii'o'oe-noo) = I am snagging

    Benii'e'ee-t = He/she is snagging

    Benii'e'ee-3i' = They are snagging

    Koo-bii'e'ee = Is he/she snagging?

Play Ciibeh-won-bii'e'ee = Don't go out snagging!

    Hoow-bii'e'ee = He/she is not snagging

    Nii-bii-bii'e'ee-t = He/she snags all over, all around


Play Bii'o'oo = A snag

Play Ne-bii'o'oo = My snag

Play He-bii'o'oo Your snag

Play Hi-bii'o'oon = His/her snag


Play Beebeeneih-t ne-bii'o'oo = My snag is a real buckskin beauty

    Nii'onoh'ehiini-ni3 hi-bii'o'oon = Her snag is real handsome

    Koo-hi-i3owooneih he-bii'o'oo = Is your snag good looking?

    Hoowu-u3owooneih hi-bii'o'oon = Her snag is ugly ('not good-looking')


    Henee3nee-kohtobeihi-ni3 hi-bii'o'oon = His snag is funny-looking

    Hoow-kohtobeih ne-bii'o'oo = My snag is not funny-looking

    Koo-hi-kohtobeih he-bii'o'oo = Is your snag funny-looking?

Play Nii-kohtobeih-t he-bii'o'oo = Your snag is funny-looking


Play Benii'o'oo3-o' = I have snagged him/her

    Benii'o'oo3-einoo = He/she snagged me

    Koo-heih-bii'o'oo3-oo = Did you snag him/her?

    Koo-hih-bii'o'oo3-ee = Did he/she snag him/her?


Play Neecesi3ecoo-t He/she is jealous

    Niinecesi3ecoo-noo = I am jealous

    Niinecesi3ecoo-n = You are jealous

    Ciibeh-necesi3ecoo = Don't be jealous!

    Koo-he-necesi3ecoo = Are you jealous?

    Koo-hi-necesi3ecoo Is he/she jealous?


    Cee3ixotoo-noo = I'm dating (someone)

    Cee3ixotoo-t = She/he's dating (someone)

    Koo-he-ce3ixotoo = Are you dating (someone)?

    Koo-hi-ce3ixotoo = Is he/she dating (someone)?

    Neihoow-ce3ixotoo = I'm not dating (anyone)

    Neihoow-ce3ixotoo = He/she's not dating (anyone)

    Cee3ixoh-o' = I'm dating him/her

    Cee3ixoh-oot = He/she's dating him/her

    Koo-he-ce3ixoh-oo = Are you dating him/her?

    Koo-hi-ce3ixoh-ee = Is he/she dating him/her?

    Neihoow-ce3ixoh-oo = I'm not dating him/her

    Hoow-ce3ixoh-ee = He/she's not dating him/her

    Ciibeh-ce3ixoh-un = Don't date him/her!

    Ce3ixoh-u = Date me!