Play Bii3bee = Cook!

    Benii3bee-noo = I'm cooking (a meal)

Play Benii3bee-t = He/she's cooking (a meal)

Play Benii3bee-3i' = They're cooking (a meal)

Play Henee'eehek heet-bii3bee-t? = Who is going to cook?

Play Koo-heinoo het-bii3bee? = Is your mom going to cook?

Play Koo-heet-bii3bee? = Are you going to cook?

Play Neinoo, neneeni-t heet-bii3bee-t = My mom is the one who's going to cook

Play Nei'eibehe', neneeni-t heet-bii3bee-t = My grandmother is the one who's going to cook


Play Benii3bee-t neinoo = My mom is cooking

Play Benii3bee-ni3 hiinoon = Her mom is cooking

Play Benii3bee-t nei'eibehe' = My grandmother is cooking

Play Neetneihoow-bii3bee = I'm not going to cook


Play Heet-bii3woon-e3en = I'm going to cook (a meal) for you

Play Heet-bii3woon-einoo = She's going to cook for me

Play Benii3woon-oot = She's cooking for him

Play Benii3woon-oo3i' = They're cooking for him/her

Play Cih-bii3woon-i = Cook for me!

Play Bii3woon-in = Cook for him/her/them!

Play Cih-bii3woon-ei'ee = Cook for us!


Play Sitee = Stove, oven (also means 'fire, heat')

Play Hoonoyoohootowoo, heesitee' nuhu' sitee = Be careful, the stove is hot!

Play Koo-hesitee nuhu' sitee = Is the stove hot?

Play Ciinen-oo teesiihi' sitee = Put it on the stove!


Play Sii'ihwo'oyeinooo (means 'dish for boiling things in water') = Pot

Play Senii'ihwo'oyei-noo = I am boiling meat

Play Senii'ihwo'oyei-t = She is boiling meat

Play Heet-sii'ihwo'oyei-noo = I'm going to boil meat

Play 3onouxoh'-owoo cee'ei'i = I'm boiling potatoes, until they're soft, cooked

Play 3ouxoh'-oo = Boil them!


3onouxoh'ou'u yeneini3i'


Play 3onouxoh'-ou'u yeneini3i' [carrots are animate] = I'm boiling carrots

Play 3onouxoh'-ou'u xoucenii [onions are animate] = I'm boiling onions

Play 3ouxoh'-un [animate] = Boil them!




Play Ko'yeiyoo = Skillet, frying pan

Play Hoocei-noo cee'ei'i = I'm frying potatoes

Play Hocei = Fry it!

Play Hoocei-t = She is frying it

Play Heetn-ocei-noo = I'm going to fry it




Play Coo'cei-noo = I'm frying bread

Play Co'cei = Fry some bread!

Play Coo'cei-t = She is frying bread


Play 3eneeyocei-noo = I'm roasting it

Play 3eneeyocei-t = She's roasting it

Play 3eeyocei = Roast it!


Play Coo'cooneee-noo = I'm baking bread

Play Coo'cooneee-t = She's baking bread

Play Co'cooneee = Bake some bread!


Play Heniisetee-' = The food is ready, done

Play Hoow-uusetee = It's not done

Play Koo-hiisetee = Is it done?

Play Heeyeih-iisetee-' = It's almost done

Play Het-tou'-uusetee = When will it be done?