Math Terms in Arapaho:
Shapes and Geometry




See’ko’einoo’ = Ellipse, ‘it is a flat circle’

Heenko’einoo’ = Oval, ‘it is a long circle’

Hoonkokoyoo’ = Rhombus, ‘it is a leaning over/falling over square’

Heenkokoyoo’ = Rectangle, ‘it is a long square’

Hoonenkokoyoo’ = Parallelogram, ‘it is a long leaning over/falling over square’

Nenees-oonee’ = Triangle, ‘it has three parts,’ or

Nenees-ouuyoo’ = Also triangle, ‘it has three points’


Any other n-sided figure can be expressed by adding the number root to the endings above:


4 Yenein
5 Yonoo3on
6 Neniitootox
7 Neniisootox
8 Neneesootox
9 3ii’otox
10 Beeteetox
11 Beteetox neniit
12 Beteetox neniis



Hee3ei’oonee’ or hee3ei’ouuyoo’ = Polygon (of an underdetermined number of sides), ‘to what extent is has a body or a point’, or an even better way of saying it:

Heetoxoonee’ or heetoxouuyoo’ = Also polygon, ‘however many bodies or points it has’



Neneehiisou’u niisiihi’= Isosceles triangle (two angles are equal), ‘they are equal as/in two’

Neneehiisou’u neesiihi’ = Equilateral triangle (three angles equal), ‘they are equal as/in three’

Kookoyouuyoo’ = Right triangle, ‘it is squarely pointed’