New Technology in Arapaho



Does Arapaho have words for all the new technological items that have come along in the last few years? Yes, it does, though the words are not necessarily known by all the elders. Many have been suggested by fluent-speaking teachers, but are used mostly by young people. Here are some of the words:




Woteikuu3oonehe' = Cell phone ('little phone')
Ceesin-owoo no-woteikuu3oonehe' = I dropped my cell phone
Tootou ho-woteikuu3oonehe'? = Where is your cell phone?
Hookecouhu' hi-woteikuu3oonehe' = His/her cell phone is small
Teesokecouhu' hi-woteikuu3oonehe'! = His/her cell phone is tiny!

Ceheekuuno3onohoe or ceheeko3onohoe = Email ('electric writing')
Ceheeko3onohowuun- = Email a person ('write electrically to a person')
Heet-ceheeko3onohowuun-e3en = I'll email you
Heet-ceheeko3onohowuun-einoo = She/he will email me
Nih-ceheeko3onohowuun-o' = I emailed him/her




Kooxo'uusiinoo'oo' = Global warming ('it [the earth] is slowly warming up')
Niitowoonohoo = Headphones ('instrument that makes you hear better')
Neenetiinouhu' = Ipod ('it is a little talker'), or niiniibeinouhu' ('it is a little singer')
Hii'eebeeseitiit = Microphone ('speaking loud and clear')
wo3onohuutooo = Whiteboard ('flat thing which is written on')
Wo'to3onohoe = Calculator ('instrument that gathers and writes down things')


Cebiihetiino'oowu' or cebiihineeno'oowu' = Casino ('gambling house')
Heet-yihoo-noo cebiihineeno'oowu-u' = I'm going to go to the casino
Heh-yihoo-n cebiihineeno'oowu-u' = Let's go to the casino!
Nih-yihoo-t cebiihineeno'oowu-u' = He/she went to the casino


Konoh'oyoot = Jackpot at the casino ('winning everything')
Konoh'oyei- = to win the jackpot
Nih-konoh'oyoot-owoo tih-bih'iyoo-' = I won the jackpot last night
Beneesoo' konoh'oyoot = The jackpot is big
Nii-beet-konoh'oyoot-owoo = I want to win the jackpot
Niicebiihetiinoo' = Slot machine ('it plays/challenges/competes with you')


An Image from the Arapaho Language YouTube Channel


Ce'koheisen- = Revitalize a language ('stand it back up')
Heet-ce'koheisen-owuno' hinono'eitiit = We are going to revitalize the Arapaho language
Cee'koheisen-ou'u hinono'eitiit = They are revitalizing the Arapaho language