Phone Calls in Arapaho





When you answer the phone, the easiest thing to say is Play heeyó, meaning 'what?' or 'what is it?' Or you can just say Play hee if you're a boy or man, meaning 'yes (I'm here, I hear you).'


If the person you're calling doesn't recognize you or doesn't know you, you can say Play huut nenééninoo (+ your name), meaning 'here I am (your name).'


Leaving a Message


If you're leaving a message and you want someone to call you back, say Play hetcihwóteikuuton 'you must call me.' If you want to say 'us' rather than 'me', it's Play hetcihwóteikuuton-éi'ee.


Recording an Answer Message


If you're recording a message to put on your phone and you want to say 'I'm not here,' you say néíhoowéentoo or for 'we,' Play néíhoowéentóó-be.


If you want to say 'leave a message' or 'leave me a message,' you say cih'éí'towuun-í or for 'us,' cih'éí'towuun-éi'ee.


To say 'I will call you back' you say Play heetce'wóteikuuton-é3en. We will call you back is Play heetce'wóteikuutón-een.

(Notice how close this is to 'I will see you again' - heetce'noohob-e3en or 'we will see you again' - heetce'noohob-een. Noohob- means 'see' while woteikuuton- means 'call on the phone', heet- indicates future time, and ce'- means 'again, back.')


Hanging up


When the conversation is over, men say wohei 'okay' and hang up, or sometimes Play wohei tous, 'okay then.' Women say 'ine.




Play Wóteikuuton- = call on the phone

Play Wóteikuu3oo = phone

Play No-wóteikuu3oo = my phone

    Ho-wóteikuu3oo = your phone

Play Hi-wóteikuu3oo = his, her phone

Play Wóteikuu3oonéhe' = cell phone, smart phone, or iPhone ('little phone')

Play Ce'wóteikuuton- = call back

Play Hoowéentoo = no answer ('he/she is not there') or hoowéentootiin ('no one is there')

Play Hoowuusiitéyoon = no signal, out of range ('it's not catching, not receiving')

Play hoowce'éis = no money left, no minutes left on the phone ('there's nothing in there')


Benéetookóóyei-noo = I have used up all my money, minutes ('I drank it up to the end, finished it off') or just Play beneeto'oo-' ('it has run out')

Heet-ciinóhowoo-noo = I will put minutes on, in the phone ('I will pour myself some (more)') or just Play heetn-ii3itonceestii-noo ('I will get some more')