NFL Football in Arapaho



How would you say the names of all the NFL football teams in Arapaho?
A current project is to get footage of a football game, have it announced in Arapaho for a few minutes, and put this on YouTube. In order to do that, we need the team nicknames in Arapaho. So here are some suggestions, from Dr. Andrew Cowell of the University of Colorado. Note that these suggestions still need to be checked with fluent speakers, so this is just a "draft" page, to show that the project can be done. The literal meaning of the Arapaho terms is given in parentheses:


Siiiyeihiiho' = Oakland ('raiders/pillagers')
Neeyeito'oyei3i' = Denver ('they buck people off')
Nohoono' = San Diego ('stallions')
Neeceeno' = Kansas City ('chiefs')
Biiyo3ouho' = Indianapolis ('colts')
Kokuteebexookeeno' = Cincinnati ('tigers')
Bei'ci3eibeee3i' Pittsburgh ('metal makers')
Hee3ebiinenno' = Tennessee ('big men')
Neecesih'ohuunou'u = New York ('jet airplanes')
Nootoonoo3eihiiho' = New England ('defenders' [of the nation]')
Cebiteeneee3i' = Houston ('oil gatherers')
Hee'eihi3i' nowo'uu = Miami ('smart fish')
Kokuteeniwooo'uu = Jacksonville ('spotted cats')
Woxuuxonehiiho' = Baltimore ('ravens')
Heeni'ei3i' = Buffalo ('they have long hair') [Heeni'eit was the Arapaho name of Buffalo Bill, meaning ('he has long hair')]
Niisih'eihi3i' = Cleveland ('they are brown')
Touhoono' = Dallas ('cowboys')
3owo3neniteeno' = Washington ('Indians')
Nii'ehiiho' = Philadelphia ('eagles')
Heebe3iinenno' = New York ('big men')
Nii3eiinoono3ei'i3i' = Green Bay ('they pack things into containers')
Woxuu = Chicago ('bears')
Heneeceine3ebii = Detroit ('lions')
Notnooxci3eihiiho' = San Francisco ('ones who look for things by digging')
Heeteceeyeino' = Seattle ('sea swift hawks')
Be'ii'ehiiho' = Arizona ('red birds')
Hoh'eniinotei'i = St. Louis ('mountain sheep')
Nenebisiiiyeihiiho' = Minnesota ('northern raiders/pillagers')
Heeyeino' = Atlanta ('falcons')
Heetecisiiiyeihiiho' = Tampa Bay ('sea raiders/pillagers')
Beetee3i' = New Orleans ('holy ones')
Heebe3iwooo'uu = Carolina ('big cats')