The Chiefs Football Team of Wyoming Indian High School



Many people enjoy playing football, as well as talking about football games together. Here are some words and phrases for talking about football:


     Nii-tó'osíbetí-3i' = football ('they knock each other down' - this could be word for 'football players' as well), or tó'osíbetiit ('knocking each other down')


Play Heet-niito'-tó'oxon-óó3i' = kickoff ('they will kick it the first time')

Play Heet-yihkúutón-oot = pass ('he will throw it to him')

Play Nih-síiinínee-t = interception ('he stole it')

Play Nih-ceesín-oot = fumble ('he dropped it')

Play Nih-tó’osíw-oot = tackle ('he knocked him down')

Play Nii-ce’kóóhu-t = to run back, return (punt, kickoff) ('he runs back')


Play Nih-ceen-téenkúutíí-3i' = to score ('they touched it down')

Play Tenéi’e3éí’on-óó3i’ = field goal ('he has kicked it just right')

Play Hee3óú’usi’ = the score ('what the number is')

Play Niit-noohobéíhiinóó’ hee3óú’usi' = scoreboard

Play Niit-noohobéíhiinóó’ heecxóóyei’óónoo’ = clock

Play Hesookúúno’óowu’ = stadium ('watching on house')

Play Wonoohóneekúú-3i’ = team ('they stand together')

Play Neehiisínouhúút = uniform ('dressing the same')

Play Tóxu'óh-no = football shoes ('sharp shoes')

Play Be3ó’oté’ = helmet ('hard hat')


Play Neiyéi3toot = down ('a try, trying')

Play Téébe heet-neyéi3tóó-3i' = first down ('they are going to try for the first time')

Play Neniisí'owóó' heet-neyéi3tóó-3i' = second down ('they are going to try for the second time')

Play Neneesí'owóó' heet-neyéi3tóó-3i' = third down ('they are going to try for the third time')

Play Yenein'owóó' heet-neyéi3tóó-3i' = fourth down ('they are going to try for the fourth time')


Play Nii-néyei-hoyeí-3i’ = offense ('they try to win')

Play Nii-néyei-tóé’en-óó3i’ = defense ('they try to stop them')


Play Cebeeniihi’ wokóoó = quarterback ('quarter back')

Play Niisíitén-oot = receiver ('he catches it')

Play Níhi’koohúúhuu = running back ('runner')

Play Hóóyeekúú-3i’ = linemen ('they stand beside each other')

Play Ciiciiheihíí-ho’ = cheerleaders ('trillers')