Good Wishes



This is where you can learn how to wish other people well in Arapaho, both in the traditional way and in the modern way.


Traditional Way


1. Remember that heetih- indicates 'I/we wish that...' or 'let it be that...' So one traditional thing to say in Arapaho is:


Play Heetíh-nííni'cowo'oo-n = 'I/we that you get along well'

Play Heetíh-nííni'cowo'óó-nee = 'I/we hope that you (pl) get along well'

     If the wish works out right, then the person can tell you later:


Play Nííni'cowo'oo-noo = I am getting along well

Play Nííni'cowo'oo-ni' = we are geting along well

Play Nííni'cowo'oo-t = he, she is getting along well


2. You can adapt this to modern (casino!) times by saying:

Play Heetíh-'óyei-n = 'I/we hope that you win'

Play Heetíh-'oyéí-nee = 'I/we hope that you (pl) win'


3. More serious and formal would be to say:

Play Heetih-kou3-iine'etii-n = may you live a long life

Play Heetih-niini'-iine'etii-n = may you live a good life

Play Heetih-'iiyoo3-iine'etii-n = may you live a clean, pure life


     These are very serious wishes, and you don't just say them casually - you have to mean what you say and say it sincerely. The person could answer back later:


Play Konou3-iine'etii-noo = I am living, have lived a long life

Play Niini'-iine'etii-noo = I am living a good life

Play Heniiyoo3-iine'etii-noo = I am living a clean, pure life


Modern Way


In English, people say 'happy birthday,' 'happy New Year,' 'merry Christmas,' and so on. You can do this in Arapaho too:


Play Hóónobee' wónooyoo' cec = Happy New Year

Play Hóónobee' hoonóu3oot = Merry Christmas

Play Hóónobee' hetiisííneb = Happy Birthday


You can use this for any holiday you want. The word hóónobee-' means 'it is happy, merry, joyous.' Something else you could say would be heetih-'onobee-', 'let us be merry, happy.'