At the Casino



Lots of people love to go to the casinos to play the machines, eat, see friends, and generally have fun. Here are some words and phrases you can use to talk about these things.




Play Cebiihetiino'oowu' or cebiihineeno'oowu' ('gambling house') = Casino


Play Ceebiihinee-noo = I'm gambling

    Heh-won-cebiihinee-n = Let's go gamble!

Play Ciibeh-cebiihinee = Don't gamble!

Play Heet-won-cebiihinee-noo = I'm going to gamble

Play Koo-heet-won-cebiihinee = Are you going to go gamble?


Play Heenetii-noo ne-bei'ci3ei'i = I have lost my money

    Nih-'enetii-t hi-bei'ci3ei'i = He/she lost his/her money

Play Ciibeh-'enetii he-bei'ci3ei'i (base: henetii-) = Don't lose your money

Play Koonoh-'enetii-noo ne-bei'ci3ei'i = I have lost all my money

Play Nih-konoh-'enetii-3i' hi-bei'ci3ei'i = They lost all their money

    Bei'ci3ei'i = Money


Play Nih-'oyei-noo = I won

    Nih-'oyei-t = He/she won

    Koo-heih-'oyei? (base: hoyei-) = Did you win?

    Neih-'oow-oyei = I didn't win

    Koo-hih-'oyei = Did he/she win?

Play Hih-'oow-oyei = He/she didn't win




Play Ceebiihetiinoo' ('it plays against you') = Machine, slot machine

    Hiitousiinikotiitoon = How do you play this one?

    Neihoowoe'in niisiinikotiitooni' = I don't know how to play this one

    Hoowuni'oo nuhu' ceebiihetiinoo' = This machine is no good


Play Konoh'oyoot ('winning it all') = Jackpot

    Nih-konoh'oyoot-o' ('he/she won it all') = He/she won the jackpot

Play Nih-konoh'oyoot-owoo = I won the jackpot

    Yeheihoo'iiheihoo, koonoh'oyoot-ow! = Hey, you won the jackpot!

    Koo-heih-konoh'oyootDid you win the jackpot?

    Koo-hih-konoh'oyoot = Did he/she win the jackpot?

    Hih-'oow-konoh'oyoot = He/she didn't win the jackpot




Money Vocabulary


    Niibe'ehiht = 1 cent, penny (means 'little red/copper one')

    Nookoyouhu' = 5 cents, nickle (means 'little white/silver one')

    Kookouniisouhu' = 10 cents, dime (means 'little thin one')

    Cebeeniihi'i = 25 cents, quarters (means 'one fourth/quarter')

Play Neniiseti' = $1 bill

Play Yonoo3onei'i = $5

Play Beeteetoxei'i = $10

Play Niisoo' = $20

Play Yoo3oyoo' = $50

Play Beteetosoo' = $100


Common phrases


    Heetn-iinikotii-noo niibe'ehiht = I'm going to play the penny machines

    Heetn-iinikotii-noo cebeenihi' = I'm going to play quarter machines

Play Heniinikotii-noo neniiseti'i = I'm playing dollar machines


    Nih-nookonibiihinee-t = He/she gambled all night long

Play Heet-nookonibiihinee-noo = I'm going to gamble all night long

Play Konoutoku-t hinee ceebiihinoot = He/she has been sitting at that machine for a long time

Play Yehei/'iihei, nono3oxu'utii-n he-bei'ci3ei'i = Gee, you're wasting your money!

Play Ciibeh-no3onoxu'utii he-bei'ci3ei'iwo = Don't waste your money!