Track and Field





Lots of people love to participate in track and field events, as well as watch and talk about them. Here are some words and phrases for talking about track and field:


Play Nii-ciiskóohú-3i' = Cross-country ('they run a long ways')

Play Xowóo = Javelin ('lance')

Play Béí'ci3ei-kokóh'owóoó = Shot put ('metal ball')

Play Hóóxuu'óót = Pole vault ('going across/over something')


Play Co'ouu3-céno'oot = High jump ('jumping high')

Play Hen-céno'oot = Long jump ('jumping long')

Play Nees-céno'oot = Triple jump ('jumping three times')


    Nonóuhtiit = Race, racing ('racing')

    Níhi'koohúút = Running ('running')


    Heet-kookoutiibeti-no' = Track Meet ('we are going to try to out do each other')

Play Héet-césisoo' = Start ('where it begins')

Play Héet-bée3íse' = Finish ('where it ends')


Play Tóxu'óh-no = Track shoes ('sharp shoes')

Play Hokóóx = Pole (for pole vault) ('tipi pole')

Play Cííyei'íít = Yard, meter ('step, stride')