Neniiseiht nihce3oot


Play Heetwon-noonoyei-noo = I'm going fishing

Play Koo-he-etwon-noonoyei? = Are you going fishing?

Play Heetwon-noonoyei-t = He/she is going fishing

Play Hetneihoow-won-noonoyei = He/she is not going fishing


Play Neniiseih-t nih-ce3-o' = I caught one

Play Neniiseihi-3i' nih-ce3-o' = I caught two

Play Neneh'i-3i' nih-ce3-o' = I caught three

Play Yeneini-3i' nih-ce3-o' = I caught four


Play Neniiseih-t nih-ce3-oot = He/she caught one

Play Neneh'i-3i' nih-ce3-oot = He/she caught three


Play Beneesei3e-' nih-ce3-o' = I caught a big one

Play Beneesei3e-' nih-ce3-oot = He/she caught a big one


Play Neih'oow-ce3ei'i = I didn't catch anything

Play Koo-heih-ce3ei'i? = Did you catch anything?

Play Hih'oow-ce3ei'i = He/she didn't catch anything


Play Ciibeh-censii ni'eci'! = Don't fall in the lake!

Play Ciibeh-censii niiciihehe'! = Don't fall in the river!


Arapaho Reservations and Original Territory


Play Noyootiiciiyoo-no = Fishing gear (or to be more general, ciiyoo-no)

Play Noyoot = Fishing pole and line (same word as 'rainbow')

Play Cihi'nowo'(uu) = Minnow(s)

Play Beexoubiisee(no') = Worm(s)


Play Heet-sii'ihkuu3ei-noo = I'm going to put in a/my line

Play Toot-heih-sii'ihkuu3ei? = Where did you put in your line?


Play Nih-cesiikoh-einoo = It got away from me

Play Beneesei3e-' nih-cesiikoh-einoo = The big one got away from me

Play Nih-ce'-sii'ihkuu3-o' hini' hookeciihih-t = I threw that small one back

Play Nih-ce3-o' wootii hiincebiit! = I caught one as big as a Water Monster!

Play Ciibeh-ceecebtii! = Don't exaggerate!


Play Noohow-un neih-ce3ooo! = Look at the one I caught!

Play Noohow-un neih-ce3oono'! = Look at the ones I caught!

Play Noohow-un hih-ce3ooo(no)! = Look at the one(s) he/she caught!