Tipi model at Hinono'eitiino'oowu'

Arapaho Bilingual
Curricular Materials


These materials are all available for both viewing and downloading, and come from a variety of sources. The booklet materials were produced by the Northern Arapaho of the Wind River Reservation, most of which were produced by Wyoming Indian Schools, Fremont County District 38. They were written and/or edited by Alonzo Moss, Sr., often working with Ambrose Brown. Other materials are included as well. Some of the PDF and Word documents will need to be resized once you open them.


These materials are for educational, non-profit purposes only! The website manager has consulted with the head of the Northern Arapaho Education Department, Alfred Redman, as well as others on the Wind River Reservation, and it is the feeling of educators that this material should be made available for everyone's use. However, individual producers of every single item have not been contacted. If you are a producer of one of the following items and are concerned about its availability on the web, please contact cowellj@colorado.edu, and the items can potentially be removed or further protected.