Handgame Words





When you're playing handgame (koxouhtiit), try to use some Arapaho words!


Play Kooxouheti-no' = We're playing handgame

Play Kooxouheti-3i' = They're playing handgame

Play Koo-heet-koxouheti-be = Are you (plural) going to play handgame?

Play Koo-het-koxouheti-no' = Are they going to play handgame?

Play Koo-heet-koxouheti-n = Are we going to play handgame?


If you're playing with just one bone, then when you guess, you can guess either cebiis (or cebiisiihi') meaning 'right' and nowoo3 (or nowoo3iihi') meaning 'left.'


If you're playing with two bones, then the possible guesses are:

Play Neehii3ei' = 'middle' hands

Play Ce'e3i' = 'outside' hands

Play Nowoo3 = two 'left' hands

Play Cebiis = two 'right' hands


The bone is the Play hix, and two bones are Play hixono.

If you want to tell someone to play, say hiinikotii or Play hiinokotii!

Play Heniinokotii-no' = We're playing

Play Heniinokotii-3i' = They're playing

    Koo-heetn-iinokotii = Are you going to play?

Play Koo-hetn-iinokotii = Is he/she going to play?

    Koo-hetn-iinikotii-no' = Are they going to play?

    Koo-heetn-iinikotii-n = Are we going to play?


If you want to tell someone to guess, say Play teceeneet-oo!


Play I am guessing = teeceeneet-owoo or niihii-noo

Play He/she is guessing = teeceeneet-o' or niihii-t

Play You are guessing = teeceeneet-ow or niihii-n

Play I'm going to guess = heet-teceeneet-owoo or Play heet-nihii-noo

Play He/she's going to guess = heet-teceeneet-o' or Play heet-nihii-t


It's your turn is Play hiiteto'oo-n

Play It's my turn = hiiteto'oo-noo

Play It's his/her turn = hiiteto'oo-t

Play Is it my turn? = koo-ne-iteto'oo

Play Is is his/her turn? = koo-hi-iteto'oo


If you want to tell someone to hide the bone, say Play noniikuutii!

Play I am hiding it = nooniikuutii-noo

Play You are hiding it = nooniikuutii-n

Play He/she is hiding it = nooniikuutii-t


The hider is the noniikuu3iyeihii, and the guesser is the bii'ii3iyeihii ('finder') or notiihiyeihii ('searcher').