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table.n (Grouping)
taboo (PropBank)
tabulate remedy-45.7, (PropBank)
tack nonvehicle-51.4.2-1, run-51.3.2-2, tape-22.4, (PropBank), (fn Operate_vehicle), (fn Attaching), (fn Self_motion), (Grouping)
tack on put-9.1, (fn Attaching)
tackle confront-98, (PropBank), (Grouping)
tackle.n (Grouping)
tactic.n (Grouping)
tag butter-9.9, illustrate-25.3, (PropBank), (Grouping)
tag along (fn Cotheme)
tail chase-51.6, pit-10.7, (PropBank), (fn Cotheme), (Grouping)
tailgate (PropBank)
tailor captain-29.8-1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
taint fill-9.8, (PropBank), (Grouping)
taiwanize remedy-45.7, (PropBank)
take absorb-39.8, adopt-93, bring-11.3, characterize-29.2, convert-26.6.2, cost-54.2, devour-39.4, fit-54.3, get-13.5.1, remove-10.1, render-29.90, require-103, scribble-25.2, steal-10.5, vehicle_path-51.4.3, (PropBank), (fn Taking_time), (fn Removing), (fn Have_as_requirement), (fn Ingest_substance), (fn Taking), (fn Bringing), (fn Ride_vehicle), (Grouping)
take-vpc (Grouping)
take ((picture)) (fn Create_physical_artwork)
take a chance rely-70
take a piss (fn Excreting)
take apart (fn Cause_to_fragment)
take away remove-10.1
take break (fn Activity_pause)
take care of take_care_of
take down scribble-25.2
take hold (fn Inchoative_attaching)
take in take_in
take off remove-10.1, (fn Undressing)
take on adopt-93, confront-98, hire-13.5.3, (fn Hiring)
take out remove-10.1
take over adopt-93, (fn Change_of_leadership)
take part (fn Participation)
take place occur-48.3, (fn Take_place_of), (fn Event)
take shape appear-48.1.1, (fn Coming_to_be)
take to task (fn Judgment_direct_address)
take up (fn Activity_start)
takeover.n (Grouping)
talc braid-41.2.2, (PropBank)
talent.n (Grouping)
talk lecture-37.11-1, lure-59.3, talk-37.5, (PropBank), (fn Talking_into), (fn Statement), (fn Chatting), (Grouping)
talk-37.5 Agent, Topic, Co_Agent, path_rel, transfer, equals, cause
talk.n (Grouping)
tally multiply-108, transcribe-25.4, (PropBank), (fn Adding_up), (Grouping)
tally up transcribe-25.4
tame other_cos-45.4, (PropBank), (Grouping)
tamp hit-18.1, (PropBank)
tamper (PropBank)
tan dress-41.1.1, other_cos-45.4, (PropBank)
tangle (PropBank), (fn Rope_manipulation), (Grouping)
tangle.n (Grouping)
tango waltz-51.5, (PropBank)
tank (PropBank)
tank.n (Grouping)
tantalize amuse-31.1, (PropBank)
tap hit-18.1-1, investigate-35.4, throw-17.1-1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
tap.n (Grouping)
tapdance waltz-51.5, (PropBank)
tape tape-22.4, transcribe-25.4, (PropBank), (fn Attaching), (Grouping)
tape-22.4 Co_Patient, Agent, Result, Instrument, Patient, together, attached, cause, path_rel
tape-22.4-1 together, attached
taper other_cos-45.4, (PropBank)
tar butter-9.9, (PropBank)
target confront-98, (PropBank), (Grouping)
target.n (Grouping)
tariff.n (Grouping)
tarmac butter-9.9, (PropBank)
tarnish entity_specific_cos-45.5, (PropBank), (fn Corroding_caused)
tarry linger-53.1, (PropBank)
tart up remedy-45.7
task (PropBank)
task.n (Grouping)
tassel butter-9.9, pit-10.7, pocket-9.10, (PropBank)
taste assessment-34.1, see-30.1-1, seem-109, stalk-35.3, stimulus_subject-30.4, (PropBank), (fn Perception_active), (fn Appearance), (fn Perception_experience), (Grouping)
taste.n (Grouping)
tatter other_cos-45.4
tattoo image_impression-25.1, (PropBank)
taunt bully-59.5, (PropBank)
tauten other_cos-45.4, (PropBank)
tax bill-54.5, (PropBank), (Grouping)
tax.n (Grouping)
tax credit.n (Grouping)
tax rate.n (Grouping)
tax return.n (Grouping)
taxation.n (Grouping)
taxi vehicle-51.4.1, (PropBank), (fn Operate_vehicle), (fn Ride_vehicle), (fn Self_motion)
taxpayer.n (Grouping)
teach transfer_mesg-37.1.1-1-1, (PropBank), (fn Education_teaching), (Grouping)
teacher.n (Grouping)
teaching.n (Grouping)
team amalgamate-22.2-2, (PropBank), (Grouping)
team.n (Grouping)
team up conspire-71, (fn Collaboration)
tear break-45.1, hurt-40.8.3-1-1, run-51.3.2, split-23.2, (PropBank), (fn Damaging), (fn Experience_bodily_harm), (fn Cause_to_fragment), (Grouping)
tear.n (Grouping)
tear up (fn Cause_to_fragment)
tease braid-41.2.2, bully-59.5, ferret-35.6, (PropBank), (Grouping)
tease.n (Grouping)
technique.n (Grouping)
techno.n (Grouping)
technology.n (Grouping)
tee (PropBank)
teem swarm-47.5.1-1, weather-57, (PropBank), (fn Abundance), (fn Abounding_with), (fn Mass_motion)
teen.n (Grouping)
teeter body_internal_motion-49.1, modes_of_being_with_motion-47.3, (PropBank)
teethe chew-39.2-1, (PropBank)
telecast instr_communication-37.4.1, (PropBank)
telecommunication.n (Grouping)
telegraph instr_communication-37.4.1, (PropBank), (fn Communication_means), (fn Contacting)
telephone initiate_communication-37.4.2-1, instr_communication-37.4.1, (PropBank), (fn Contacting), (fn Communication_means)
telephone.n (Grouping)
telephone number.n (Grouping)
telephony.n (Grouping)
telescope.n (Grouping)
televise transcribe-25.4, (PropBank), (Grouping)
television.n (Grouping)
telework (PropBank)
telex instr_communication-37.4.1, (PropBank), (fn Communication_means), (fn Sending), (fn Contacting)
tell see-30.1, transfer_mesg-37.1.1-1-1, (PropBank), (fn Request), (fn Reporting), (fn Telling), (Grouping)
tell-37.2 Agent, Topic, Recipient, path_rel, transfer, equals, cause
tell apart distinguish-23.5
tell off (fn Judgment_direct_address)
temp employment-95.3, (fn Being_employed)
temper (PropBank)
tempt amuse-31.1, urge-58.1-1, (PropBank), (fn Attempt_suasion), (Grouping)
tend caring-75.2-1-1, (PropBank), (fn Likelihood), (Grouping)
tendency.n (Grouping)
tender (PropBank), (Grouping)
tender.n (Grouping)
tenderize other_cos-45.4
tense other_cos-45.4, (PropBank), (Grouping)
tenure (PropBank)
term dub-29.3, (PropBank), (fn Labeling), (fn Simple_naming), (Grouping)
term.n (Grouping)
terminate fire-10.10, stop-55.4-1, terminus-47.9, (PropBank), (fn Activity_finish), (fn Activity_stop), (fn Firing), (fn Killing), (Grouping)
termination.n (Grouping)
terminus-47.9 Theme, Location, contact
terrain.n (Grouping)
terrify amuse-31.1, bully-59.5, (PropBank), (fn Experiencer_obj)
terrorist.n (Grouping)
terrorize amuse-31.1, (PropBank), (fn Cause_to_experience), (Grouping)
test assessment-34.1, investigate-35.4, (PropBank), (fn Operational_testing), (fn Examination), (Grouping)
test.n (Grouping)
testify lecture-37.11-1, (PropBank), (fn Evidence), (Grouping)
tether tape-22.4, (PropBank), (fn Attaching)
thank judgment-33.1-1, (PropBank), (fn Judgment_direct_address), (Grouping)
thanks.n (Grouping)
thatch butter-9.9, (PropBank)
thaw other_cos-45.4-1, weather-57, (PropBank), (fn Cause_change_of_phase), (fn Change_of_phase)
theme Theme
theorize lecture-37.11-1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
there be (fn Existence)
thick.n (Grouping)
thicken other_cos-45.4, (PropBank), (fn Change_of_consistency), (fn Cause_change_of_consistency), (Grouping)
thickness.n (Grouping)
thieve steal-10.5, (PropBank), (fn Theft)
thin other_cos-45.4, (PropBank), (fn Cause_change_of_consistency), (Grouping)
thing.n (Grouping)
think think, consider-29.9-2, focus-87.1-1, wish-62, (PropBank), (fn Cogitation), (fn Opinion), (fn Regard), (fn Awareness), (Grouping)
think-vpc (Grouping)
think up (fn Invention)
thinking.n (Grouping)
thirst long-32.2-1, long-32.2-2, (PropBank), (fn Desiring)
thought.n (Grouping)
thrash spank-18.3, (PropBank), (Grouping)
thread tape-22.4, (PropBank), (Grouping)
threat.n (Grouping)
threaten amuse-31.1, (PropBank), (fn Commitment), (Grouping)
thresh (Grouping)
thrift.n (Grouping)
thrill amuse-31.1, marvel-31.3, (PropBank), (fn Experiencer_obj), (Grouping)
thrill.n (Grouping)
thrive exist-47.1, gorge-39.6, (PropBank), (Grouping)
throb modes_of_being_with_motion-47.3, tingle-40.8.2, (PropBank), (Grouping)
thrombose (PropBank)
throne (fn Change_of_leadership)
throng swarm-47.5.1-2, (PropBank), (fn Abounding_with), (fn Mass_motion), (fn Congregating)
throttle poison-42.2, (PropBank), (Grouping)
throughput.n (Grouping)
throw amuse-31.1, conduct-111.1, throw-17.1-1-1, (PropBank), (fn Body_movement), (fn Cause_motion), (Grouping)
throw-17.1 Theme, Result, Agent, Initial_Location, Destination, exert_force, contact, motion, path_rel, cause, meets, equals
throw-17.1-1 Destination, exert_force, contact, motion, path_rel, cause, meets, equals
throw-17.1-1-1 Causer, exert_force
throw.n (Grouping)
throw off (fn Undressing)
throw on (fn Dressing)
throw together (fn Cause_to_amalgamate)
throw up breathe-40.1.2, (fn Excreting)
thrum sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank), (Grouping)
thrust carry-11.4-1-1, push-12-1-1, (PropBank), (fn Cause_motion), (Grouping)
thrust.n (Grouping)
thud bump-18.4-1, sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank), (fn Motion_noise), (fn Impact), (fn Cause_impact), (Grouping)
thumb rummage-35.5-1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
thumbtack tape-22.4, (PropBank)
thump bump-18.4-1, hit-18.1, sound_emission-43.2, spank-18.3, (PropBank), (fn Motion_noise), (fn Make_noise), (fn Impact), (fn Cause_impact), (Grouping)
thunder animal_sounds-38, manner_speaking-37.3, sound_emission-43.2, weather-57, (PropBank), (fn Motion_noise), (fn Make_noise), (fn Communication_noise), (Grouping)
thunk sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank)
thwack hit-18.1, (PropBank), (fn Cause_harm)
thwap (PropBank)
thwart (PropBank), (fn Thwarting), (Grouping)
tick sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank), (Grouping)
ticket butter-9.9, (PropBank), (fn Fining)
ticket.n (Grouping)
tickle amuse-31.1, tingle-40.8.2, touch-20-1, (PropBank), (fn Perception_body), (fn Experiencer_obj), (Grouping)
tide (Grouping)
tide.n (Grouping)
tidy (PropBank)
tie mix-22.1-2, tape-22.4, (PropBank), (fn Rope_manipulation), (fn Knot_creation), (fn Cause_confinement), (fn Attaching), (fn Make_cognitive_connection), (fn Closure), (fn Finish_competition), (Grouping)
tie.n (Grouping)
tie the knot (fn Forming_relationships)
tie up (fn Activity_finish), (fn Immobilization)
tighten other_cos-45.4, (PropBank), (Grouping)
tile butter-9.9, fill-9.8-1, (PropBank), (fn Filling)
till (PropBank)
till.n (Grouping)
tilt battle-36.4, other_cos-45.4, spatial_configuration-47.6-1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
time Time, time, register-54.1-1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
time.n (Grouping)
time limit.n (Grouping)
timeline.n (Grouping)
tin pocket-9.10, (PropBank), (Grouping)
tincture (PropBank)
ting sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank)
tinge fill-9.8, (PropBank)
tingle tingle-40.8.2, (PropBank), (fn Perception_body)
tingle-40.8.2 Experiencer, Patient, Stimulus, path_rel, discomfort, experience, in_reaction_to
tinker (PropBank), (Grouping)
tinkle sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank), (fn Make_noise), (fn Cause_to_make_noise), (fn Impact)
tinsel butter-9.9, (PropBank), (Grouping)
tint coloring-24, (PropBank)
tip bill-54.5, throw-17.1-1-1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
tip.n (Grouping)
tip hand (fn Reveal_secret)
tiptoe run-51.3.2, (PropBank), (fn Self_motion)
tire amuse-31.1, marvel-31.3, other_cos-45.4, (PropBank), (Grouping)
tire.n (Grouping)
tisk manner_speaking-37.3, (PropBank)
titanium.n (Grouping)
tithe pay-68-1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
titillate amuse-31.1, (PropBank)
title (PropBank), (Grouping)
title.n (Grouping)
titrate (PropBank)
titter nonverbal_expression-40.2, (PropBank), (fn Make_noise), (fn Communication_noise)
toast cooking-45.3, judgment-33.1-1, preparing-26.3-2, (PropBank), (fn Apply_heat)
toboggan vehicle-51.4.1-1, (PropBank), (fn Operate_vehicle)
today.n (Grouping)
toddle run-51.3.2, (PropBank), (fn Self_motion)
toe (PropBank)
tog dressing_well-41.3.2, (PropBank)
together together
toggle shake-22.3-2-1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
toil run-51.3.2, (PropBank)
toil.n (Grouping)
tolerate admire-31.2, allow-64.1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
toll sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank), (fn Make_noise)
toll.n (Grouping)
tomb (PropBank)
ton.n (Grouping)
tone other_cos-45.4, (PropBank)
tonight.n (Grouping)
tool carve-21.2-2, drive-11.5, fill-9.8-1, image_impression-25.1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
tool around drive-11.5
toot sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank), (fn Make_noise)
tootle run-51.3.2, sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank)
top butter-9.9, contiguous_location-47.8, exceed-90, (PropBank), (Grouping)
top.n (Grouping)
topic Topic
topic.n (Grouping)
topple other_cos-45.4, (PropBank), (fn Change_of_leadership), (fn Motion_directional), (Grouping)
torch (PropBank), (fn Setting_fire)
torment amuse-31.1, (PropBank), (fn Cause_to_experience), (fn Experiencer_obj), (Grouping)
torpedo (PropBank)
tort.n (Grouping)
torture amuse-31.1, (PropBank), (fn Cause_harm), (Grouping)
torture.n (Grouping)
toss crane-40.3.2, preparing-26.3-1, throw-17.1-1-1, (PropBank), (fn Body_movement), (fn Cause_motion), (Grouping)
toss.n (Grouping)
tot (PropBank)
total amalgamate-22.2-2, register-54.1-1-1, (PropBank), (fn Amounting_to), (fn Render_nonfunctional), (fn Adding_up), (Grouping)
total.n (Grouping)
tote carry-11.4, (PropBank), (fn Bringing)
totter body_internal_motion-49.1, modes_of_being_with_motion-47.3, run-51.3.2, (PropBank), (fn Self_motion)
touch amuse-31.1, contiguous_location-47.8-1, relate-86.2-1, touch-20-1, (PropBank), (fn Manipulation), (fn Impact), (Grouping)
touch-20 Experiencer, Instrument, Agent, cause, contact, utilize
touch-20-1 Experiencer, cause, contact, utilize
touch.n (Grouping)
touch on relate-86.2-1
toughen other_cos-45.4, (PropBank)
tour investigate-35.4, (PropBank), (fn Travel), (Grouping)
tour.n (Grouping)
tousle remedy-45.7, (PropBank)
tout overstate-37.12, (PropBank), (fn Judgment_communication), (Grouping)
tow carry-11.4, (PropBank)
towel braid-41.2.2, wipe_instr-10.4.2, (PropBank)
towel.n (Grouping)
tower exist-47.1, spatial_configuration-47.6, (PropBank)
tower.n (Grouping)
town.n (Grouping)
township.n (Grouping)
toxin.n (Grouping)
toy trifle-105.3, (PropBank), (Grouping)
trabeculate (PropBank)
trace scribble-25.2, (PropBank), (Grouping)
trace.n (Grouping)
track chase-51.6, stalk-35.3, (PropBank), (fn Cotheme), (Grouping)
track.n (Grouping)
tract.n (Grouping)
trade exchange-13.6.1, (PropBank), (fn Exchange), (Grouping)
trade.n (Grouping)
trademark patent-101, (PropBank)
trader.n (Grouping)
trading.n (Grouping)
traduce (PropBank)
traffic.n (Grouping)
trail chase-51.6, (PropBank), (fn Cotheme), (Grouping)
trailer.n (Grouping)
train hire-13.5.3, (PropBank), (fn Education_teaching), (Grouping)
train.n (Grouping)
trainer.n (Grouping)
training.n (Grouping)
training program.n (Grouping)
traipse run-51.3.2-1, (PropBank), (fn Self_motion)
trait.n (Grouping)
trajectory Trajectory
tram vehicle-51.4.1, (PropBank)
trammel tape-22.4, (PropBank), (fn Hindering)
tramp run-51.3.2-1, (PropBank), (fn Self_motion), (Grouping)
trample (PropBank)
tranquilize other_cos-45.4, (PropBank)
transact (PropBank)
transaction.n (Grouping)
transcend exceed-90, (PropBank), (Grouping)
transcribe transcribe-25.4, (PropBank), (Grouping)
transcribe-25.4 Destination, Theme, Agent, path_rel, created_image, location, cause
transect (PropBank)
transfer transfer, contribute-13.2-2, send-11.1, (PropBank), (fn Change_tool), (fn Transfer), (Grouping)
transfer.n (Grouping)
transfer info transfer_info
transfer mesg-37.1.1 Agent, Topic, Source, Recipient, path_rel, transfer, equals, cause
transfer mesg-37.1.1-1 path_rel, transfer, equals, cause
transfer mesg-37.1.1-1-1 path_rel, transfer, equals, cause
transfix amuse-31.1, (PropBank), (fn Cause_harm)
transform turn-26.6.1, (PropBank), (fn Cause_change), (Grouping)
transform.n (Grouping)
transformation.n (Grouping)
transfuse (PropBank)
transgress (PropBank), (fn Compliance), (fn Misdeed)
transit (PropBank), (Grouping)
transition (PropBank)
transition.n (Grouping)
translate turn-26.6.1, (PropBank), (fn Translating), (fn Have_as_translation_equivalent), (fn Be_translation_equivalent), (fn Categorization), (Grouping)
transmit send-11.1-1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
transmogrify (PropBank)
transmute turn-26.6.1, (PropBank)
transpire occur-48.3-1, (PropBank), (fn Event), (Grouping)
transplant remedy-45.7-1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
transport amuse-31.1, send-11.1, (PropBank), (fn Bringing), (Grouping)
transport.n (Grouping)
transportation.n (Grouping)
transporter.n (Grouping)
transpose (PropBank)
transship send-11.1, (fn Import_export)
transverse (PropBank)
transvestite.n (Grouping)
trap pocket-9.10, trick-59.2, (PropBank), (Grouping)
trash (PropBank), (Grouping)
trauma.n (Grouping)
traumatize remedy-45.7, (PropBank), (fn Experiencer_obj)
travel run-51.3.2-1, (PropBank), (fn Travel), (Grouping)
travel.n (Grouping)
traveler.n (Grouping)
traverse contiguous_location-47.8, (PropBank), (fn Path_shape), (fn Traversing), (fn Intentional_traversing), (Grouping)
trawl search-35.2, (PropBank)
tray.n (Grouping)
tread carve-21.2-2, run-51.3.2, (PropBank), (fn Self_motion), (Grouping)
treasure admire-31.2, (PropBank)
treat characterize-29.2, equip-13.4.2-1, (PropBank), (fn Topic), (fn Giving), (fn Processing_materials), (fn Cure), (fn Communicate_categorization), (Grouping)
treat.n (Grouping)
treatment.n (Grouping)
treble other_cos-45.4, (PropBank)
tree pocket-9.10, (PropBank)
trek run-51.3.2-1, (PropBank), (fn Self_motion)
tremble body_internal_states-40.6, modes_of_being_with_motion-47.3, (PropBank)
trench carve-21.2-1
trend (PropBank)
trend.n (Grouping)
trespass (PropBank)
trial.n (Grouping)
trial court.n (Grouping)
tribunal.n (Grouping)
trick dressing_well-41.3.2, trick-59.2, (PropBank), (fn Manipulate_into_doing)
trick-59.2 Agent, Predicate, Patient, cause, act, manner
trickle pour-9.5, substance_emission-43.4-1, (PropBank), (fn Fluidic_motion)
trifle trifle-105.3
trifle-105.3 Agent, Theme, social_interaction
trigger engender-27.1-1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
trigger.n (Grouping)
trill animal_sounds-38, manner_speaking-37.3, sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank), (fn Communication_noise)
trim braid-41.2.2, fill-9.8-1, wipe_manner-10.4.1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
trip other_cos-45.4, run-51.3.2-2, (PropBank), (fn Self_motion), (Grouping)
trip.n (Grouping)
triple other_cos-45.4, (PropBank), (fn Change_position_on_a_scale), (Grouping)
triumph marvel-31.3, (PropBank), (Grouping)
trivialize remedy-45.7, (PropBank)
trojan.n (Grouping)
troll search-35.2, (PropBank), (Grouping)
trolley vehicle-51.4.1, (PropBank)
troop run-51.3.2, (PropBank), (fn Self_motion), (fn Mass_motion)
troop.n (Grouping)
trot run-51.3.2-2, (PropBank), (fn Self_motion), (Grouping)
trouble amuse-31.1, (PropBank), (fn Experiencer_obj), (Grouping)
trouble.n (Grouping)
trough (PropBank)
trounce hit-18.1, (PropBank), (fn Finish_competition)
truck drive-11.5-1, (PropBank), (fn Bringing)
truck.n (Grouping)
trudge run-51.3.2-1, (PropBank), (fn Self_motion)
trump (PropBank), (Grouping)
trumpet animal_sounds-38, manner_speaking-37.3, sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank), (fn Make_noise), (fn Communication_noise), (Grouping)
truncate remedy-45.7, (PropBank), (Grouping)
truncheon spank-18.3, (PropBank)
truncheon.n (Grouping)
trundle drive-11.5, run-51.3.2, (PropBank), (fn Self_motion), (fn Bringing)
truss tape-22.4, (PropBank), (fn Attaching)
trust admire-31.2, conjecture-29.5-1, fulfilling-13.4.1, (PropBank), (fn Certainty), (fn Trust), (Grouping)
trust.n (Grouping)
trustee (PropBank)
truth.n (Grouping)
try amuse-31.1, assessment-34.1, prosecute-33.2-1, try-61.1, (PropBank), (fn Attempt), (fn Try_defendant), (Grouping)
try-61.1 Agent, Theme, attempt
try on assessment-34.1
try out assessment-34.1
tube (Grouping)
tube.n (Grouping)
tuck funnel-9.3-1, (PropBank), (fn Placing), (fn Ingestion), (Grouping)
tug carry-11.4, push-12-1, split-23.2, touch-20-1, (PropBank), (fn Manipulation), (fn Cause_motion), (Grouping)
tumble calibratable_cos-45.6.1-1, escape-51.1-1, meander-47.7, mix-22.1-1, (PropBank), (fn Change_position_on_a_scale), (Grouping)
tumor.n (Grouping)
tune (PropBank), (Grouping)
tune.n (Grouping)
tunnel rummage-35.5-1, (PropBank)
tunnel.n (Grouping)
turf butter-9.9, (PropBank)
turf.n (Grouping)
turmoil.n (Grouping)
turn become-109.1, convert-26.6.2, convert-26.6.2-1, crane-40.3.2, hurt-40.8.3-1-1, meander-47.7-1, roll-51.3.1, rotate-51.9.1-1, turn-26.6.1-1, (PropBank), (fn Contingency), (fn Undergo_change), (fn Becoming), (fn Moving_in_place), (fn Change_direction), (fn Cause_to_move_in_place), (fn Cause_change), (Grouping)
turn-26.6.1 Patient, Agent, Result, Initial_State, path_rel, cause
turn-26.6.1-1 path_rel, cause
turn-away banish-10.2
turn-back banish-10.2
turn-down reject-77.2, remedy-45.7
turn-in contribute-13.2
turn-off other_cos-45.4
turn-on other_cos-45.4
turn-out banish-10.2, create-26.4
turn-over contribute-13.2
turn-up remedy-45.7
turn.n (Grouping)
turn down (fn Respond_to_proposal)
turn in (fn Submitting_documents), (fn Surrendering)
turn off (fn Change_operational_state)
turn on (fn Change_operational_state)
turn out appear-48.1.1
turn up appear-48.1.1, become-109.1
tussle battle-36.4, (PropBank)
tutor captain-29.8-1, (PropBank), (fn Education_teaching)
tv.n (Grouping)
twang manner_speaking-37.3, sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank), (Grouping)
tweak touch-20-1, (PropBank), (fn Adjusting), (fn Manipulation), (Grouping)
tweet animal_sounds-38, (PropBank), (fn Make_noise)
tweeze braid-41.2.2, (PropBank)
twiddle crane-40.3.2, (PropBank), (fn Body_movement)
twig (PropBank)
twin (PropBank)
twine coil-9.6, (PropBank), (Grouping)
twinge tingle-40.8.2, touch-20-1, (PropBank), (Grouping)
twinkle light_emission-43.1, (PropBank), (fn Location_of_light), (fn Light_movement)
twirl coil-9.6-1, knead-26.5, orbit-51.9.2, roll-51.3.1, rotate-51.9.1-1, (PropBank), (fn Cause_to_move_in_place), (fn Moving_in_place)
twist coil-9.6-1, hurt-40.8.3-1-1, knead-26.5, meander-47.7-1, roll-51.3.1, rotate-51.9.1-1, (PropBank), (fn Path_shape), (fn Experience_bodily_harm), (Grouping)
twist.n (Grouping)
twitch body_internal_motion-49.1, crane-40.3.2, (PropBank), (fn Body_movement), (Grouping)
twitter animal_sounds-38, manner_speaking-37.3, (PropBank), (fn Make_noise), (fn Communication_noise)
twotime (PropBank)
type scribble-25.2-1, transcribe-25.4, (PropBank), (fn Text_creation), (Grouping)
type.n (Grouping)
type in (fn Text_creation)
type out (fn Text_creation)
type up (fn Text_creation)
typecast characterize-29.2, (fn Categorization)
typify (PropBank)
tyrannize (PropBank)
Total verbs represented for this letter: 491
VerbNet class names for this letter
Total classes represented for this letter: 13


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