The contents of this site have been approved for the web by Alonzo Moss, Sr. and William J. C’Hair, the co-chairs of the Northern Arapaho Language and Culture Commission and native Arapaho speakers. Permission to post PDFs in the Bilingual Curriculum section was provided by Alfred Redman, Director of the Northern Arapaho Education Office. 


A number of Northern Arapaho individuals have contributed to this site. Voices on the site include those of the following native speakers: Florence Bell, Wayne C’Hair, William C’Hair, Alonzo Moss, Sr., Marian Scott, Andy Brown, and Ed Underwood. Major editing of the language was provided by Alonzo Moss, Sr. Suggestions for additional usage-based pages were provided by numerous elders at the Cheyenne-Arapaho language conference held in Denver, CO, in March 2013. These elders provided lists of specific vocabulary that should be included. Feedback from students at the Wind River Tribal College has also helped improve the language lessons.


Several students at the University of Colorado have helped build this site over the years, including Joshua Raclaw, Finn Thye, Irina Vagner, and Allison Sanders, plus Jena Hwang, a post-doctoral fellow. We are grateful to the University of Colorado's ASSETT program for a grant that helped fund site construction, and to the CU Dept. of Linguistics, which helped fund the most recent site upgrade.