A story told by Dickie Moss.


This telescope, [a man] saw something with it; he could magnify things with it. That’s it. He had one. He was out hunting way far off, and he saw a deer. He saw it somewhere. But there is no...there is no brush [to use to sneak up on it]. There is no brush. The deer is standing out in the open. He wants to kill it.

“Wohei,” he said, “I might as well [take a shot]. Maybe I could try [to hit] him.” But it was sitting too far away. “I might miss it.”

Wohei that telescope, then he focused it [on the deer]. Soon it was closer over there. He increased the magnification until it was standing right in front of him. Then he increased the magnification even further. Then he reached out and felt around on its belly and its ribs. It was a fat one. It was really close to him. It was standing there, and then he shot it.

And that’s what happened. Believe it or don’t believe it.

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