Book Corrections

The following are the corrections to the Arapaho Grammar book by Andrew Cowell with Alonzo Moss.



p. 48 For #3, should be /Vh/, not /vh/.

p. 53 ex. 6, third line should have have 3S, not 3.

p. 178 -ooceihi under II finals should be listed under AI finals.

p. 181 in the table, should be -etoyoti and -nooyoti (both missing final i in the book).

p. 252, ex. 56, should be e- in second line, second word, not he-.

p. 294 ex. 39, verbs should be wottesiiheyoti'ehk on first and second lines, not ...heyooti'ehk.

p. 345 ex. 71, there should be no dash in the first line.

p. 345 "Verbs with ni'". This is a misanalysis. The actual analysis is nii- IMPERF + ii- VAI 'say, said' producing níii-, with surface pronunciation ní'ii-.

p. 396 ex. 89, there should be brackets around 'that they taught me' in the free translation.

p. 397 ex. 95, should be a space before toh-, and in following line, 'when' should align with toh- above it.

p. 484 in the table banner, verb should be ní'eenéé3ei-, not níí'eenéé3ei-.

p. 487 in the table banner, verbs should be ní'eenéét-, not níí'eenéét-.