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zag meander-47.7, (PropBank)
zap (PropBank)
zero (PropBank)
zest pit-10.7, (PropBank)
zig meander-47.7, (PropBank)
zigzag meander-47.7-1, run-51.3.2, (PropBank), (fn Path_shape), (fn Motion)
zing sound_emission-43.2, (PropBank), (fn Motion_noise)
zip tape-22.4, (PropBank), (fn Closure), (Grouping)
zip code.n (Grouping)
zipcode butter-9.9, (PropBank)
zone (PropBank)
zone.n (Grouping)
zonk out change_bodily_state-40.8.4
zoom run-51.3.2, (PropBank), (Grouping)
Total verbs represented for this letter: 14
VerbNet class names for this letter
 No class names for this letter


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