Treebanking and the Theoretical Linguist

Instructor(s): Fei Xia and Rajesh Bhatt

Recent work on creating treebanks (i.e., annotated corpora with syntactic structure) is one of the main contributors to rapid progress in the field of computational linguistics in the past two decades.

The course has two goals: the first is to introduce our audience to the particular challenges involved in treebanking, with the hope that some will get involved in the creation of annotated corpora for their languages. The second is to expose the audience to the annotated corpora that already exists and provide them with the tools to use these resources.

This course has three main components: (1) an overview of treebanks and their usages in computational linguistics and theoretical linguistics, (2) main issues in creating Multi-representational and multi-layered treebanks, and (3) syntactic and semantic phenomena and the factors that should be taken into consideration in treebank design.

An introductory syntax class

Course ID:

Tue & Fri 10:30-12:15

Classroom: CHEM 133

Areas of Linguistics:
Syntax and Morphology
Computational Linguistics
Applications of Linguistics