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Martha Palmer

Department of Linguistics
University of Colorado Boulder


Proposition Bank

The original PropBank project, funded by ACE, created a corpus of text annotated with information about basic semantic propositions. Predicate-argument relations were added to the syntactic trees of the Penn Treebank. This resource is now available via LDC.

People There is currently a continuation of this project, funded by NSF and DARPA, that is aimed at creating Parallel PropBanks (the English-Chinese Treebank/PropBank) and also PropBanking other genres, such as Broadcast News, and Broadcast Conversation, at the University of Colorado. PropBank is also being mapped to VerbNet and FrameNet as part of
  • SemLink: Mapping together PropBank/VerbNet/FrameNet.

  • Resources
    • Rosenzweig tagger for PropBank
    • PB Tool, Scott Cotton

    Undertaken as part of NIST's ACE (Automatic Content Extraction) program.