Grades in this class will be based on class assignments, 2 quizzes, a project report and presentation, and class participation..

Assignments will come in two varieties: problem sets designed to get you ready for the quizzes, and programming assignments to give you hands-on experience with building NLP systems.  Assignments will be posted on the schedule on the  lectures and readings page.

There will be two quizzes during the course of the semester. These will consist of short-answer, true/false and multiple choice questions. They are intended to cover both the readings and course lectures.  These are intended mainly to make sure that you keep up with the reading.

The project report will be a joint project with another student, where you will select two or three papers on an NLP topic of your choice, and do a careful analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of at least two different approaches. You and your partner will do a 15 minute class presentation on your conclusions and submit a 12-15 page, double-spaced, written report by the end of May 4th. There is no final exam. The programming assignments count 30%; the quizzes and the report are 14% each, the problem sets are 18% and class participation is 10%. Late assignments will lose 5% for every 24 hours they are late.