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No Comments concealment-16
Members: 13, Frames: 3
Class Hierarchy

Members Key
block (fn 1; wn 7; g 1)
cloister (wn 1, 3; g 1, 2)
conceal (fn 1; wn 1, 2; g 1)
impound (wn 2)
isolate (wn 1; g 1)
quarantine (wn 1)
repress (wn 3)
screen (fn 1; wn 5, 7; g 3)
seclude (wn 1)
sequester (wn 4)
shelter (wn 1; g 1)
suppress (wn 4; g 3)

Roles Reference

Frames Reference Key
NP V NP PP.beneficiary
   example "Frances hid the presents from Sally."
   syntax Agent V Patient {from} Beneficiary
   semantics cause(Agent, E) visible(start(E), Patient) ¬visible(end(E), Patient) benefit(E, Beneficiary)
NP V NP PP.location
   example "Frances hid the presents behind the books in the drawer."
   syntax Agent V Patient {{+loc}} Location
   semantics cause(Agent, E) visible(start(E), Patient) ¬visible(end(E), Patient) location(result(E), Patient, Location)
   example "Frances hid the presents."
   syntax Agent V Patient
   semantics visible(start(E), Patient) ¬visible(end(E), Patient) cause(Agent, E)

No Comments concealment-16-1
Members: 1, Frames: 3

Members Key
hide (fn 1; wn 1; g 1)

Roles Reference
    no roles

Frames Reference Key
   example "The children hid."
   syntax Agent V
   semantics visible(start(E), Agent) ¬visible(end(E), Agent)
NP V PP.beneficiary
   example "The children hid from Sally."
   syntax Agent V {from} Beneficiary
   semantics visible(start(E), Agent) ¬visible(end(E), Agent) benefit(E, Beneficiary)
NP V PP.location
   example "The children hid in the chimney."
   syntax Agent V {{+loc}} Location
   semantics visible(start(E), Agent) ¬visible(end(E), Agent) location(during(E), Agent, Location)


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