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Transportation [top] Boulder-DIA Driving directions Boulder-DIA Shuttle Downtown <-> CU Campus: Boulder Buses
  • Fare: $1.75 per ride. Transfer is available (valid for 2 hours), but you might have to ask the driver specifically for it. 10-Ride ticketbook is available for $15.75 at the Boulder RTD Station.
  • Recommended Line: HOP circuits through CU campus, downtown and the 29th street mall. [map] [schedule]
    - Boulderado to Muenzinger: take HOP (counter-clockwise HOP) at Spruce & Broadway stop and get off at the Muenzinger stop. If you are unsure where the stop is, just ask the driver!
    - Boulderado to UMC: take HOP (counter-clockwise HOP) at Spruce & Broadway stop and get off at the Imig Music stop. If you are unsure where the stop is, just ask the driver! To get to UMC, cross the road and walk west.
    - Campus to Boulderado: at any HOP stop take the clockwise HOP. Closest stop to Boulderado is the one at Broadway and Walnut, which is located ~2 blocks south of the hotel. If you are unsure where the stop is, just ask the driver!
  • Other Lines [map]: Local buses DASH, 204, and 225, and regional buses B, AB, DD, and G run along Broadwaay between Boulder Station and CU. Please check RTD website for specific routing information.
Downtown <-> CU Campus: Walking Directions (~20 min)
  • Head south on 13th St toward Spruce St (92 ft)
  • Turn right at Spruce St (374 ft)
  • Turn left at Broadway St (1.0 mi)
  • Turn left at Euclid Ave (259 ft)

Workshop Locations [top] The workshop will take place at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

University Memorial Center: Room 353 and Room 415/417
Hellems Arts and Sciences: Room 229
Muenzinger Psychology: D428 - ICS large conference room

Schedule [top]
Start End Workshop Slides Presenter Room
Tuesday, March 18
1:00p 1:20p Welcome umc 353
1:20p 1:40p Tasks and progress in corpus collection Adam Meyers umc 353
1:40p 2:00p Treebanking status Mitch Marcus umc 353
2:00p 2:20p Propbank and WSD status Martha Palmer umc 415-417
2:20p 2:40p Nombank status Adam Meyers umc 415-417
2:40p 3:00p DTB status Aravind Joshi
& Alan Lee
umc 415-417
3:00p 3:30p ----- break -----
3:30p 4:40p Invited Talk: Desiderata for annotating data to
train and evaluate bootstrapping algorithms [abstract]
Ellen Riloff umc 415-417
4:50p 5:10p Timebank status James
umc 415-417
5:10p 5:30p Discussion umc 353
Wednesday, March 19
9:00a 9:30a Opinion status Jan Wiebe muen d428
9:30a 10:00a GLARF Adam Meyers muen d428
10:00a 10:30a Ontonotes and Eventive nouns Martha Palmer muen d428
10:30a 11:00a ----- break -----
11:00a 12:00a Invited Talk: Limited compositionality phenomena in Salsa: word sense and semantic roles Katrin Erk muen d428
12:00a 12:30p Systematic mismatches across annotations Aravind Joshi
& Alan Lee
muen d428
12:30p 1:30p ----- lunch -----
1:30p 2:00p UIMA Edward Loper muen d428
2:00p 2:30p Cross-annotation Mapping, from PropBank-TimeML, and PDTB-TimeML James
muen d428
2:30p 3:00p Invited Talk: CLARIN and FLaReNet: new European initiatives for Language Resources and Language Technologies Nicoletta Calzolari muen d428
3:00p 3:30p Discussion muen d428
3:30p 4:00p ----- break -----
4:00p 5:15p Invited Talk: Temporal Annotation and
Linguistic Generalizations [abstract]
muen d428
7:00p 9:00p Banquet
Thursday, March 20
9:00a 9:15a Future directions muen d428
9:15a 9:30a Sharable Corpora and Multiple Annotations, Now and Very Soon : OANC, MASC, and GrAF Nancy Ide muen d428
9:30a 9:50a Given an annotated corpus... Ann Taylor muen d428
9:50a 10:10a Adding a new layer to the Ontonotes database Sameer Pradhan muen d428
10:10a 10:30a Semantic Annotation Evaluation and Utility Bonnie Dorr muen d428
10:30a 10:45a Discussion muen d428
10:45a 11:15a ----- break -----
11:15a 1:00p Discussion, planning resubmission umc 353

Contact Information [top] Alan Dale
  Telephone: 303-735-5276
  Fax: 303-735-5072
  Email:Alan.Dale AT colorado DOT edu

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