SemLink is a project whose aim is to link together different lexical resources via set of mappings. These mappings will make it possible to combine the different information provided by these different lexical resources for tasks such as inferencing. We also plan to use the mappings to aid in semi-automatic extension of each resources coverage, to increase the overall overlap in coverage. Currently, we are creating mappings between the following resources:

The content of all four of these resources can be browsed on-line using the Unified Verb Index. A presentation giving an introduction to SemLink, and two of the resources it combines (PropBank and VerbNet), was given at the SIGSEM/ISO workshop held jointly with the IWCS-7 conference.


Due to a handful of annotation errors and ever-improving data, the current Semlink will continue to expand as we work to fix a couple of problems and include additional annotations. All old releases will be kept available and all changes will be thoroughly documented.

Version 2.0 (2020)
The newest version is available via GithHub:

Official SemLink Repository

This version features updates to VerbNet 3.3, FrameNet 1.7, and the Unified PropBank files.

Version 1.3 Verson 1.2.2 is now available!
Version 1.2.2 contains minor revisions to the mapping files, as well as an increase in WSJ Tokens to approximately 78,000.
Last modified: May 17, 2013