The Executive Committee of the 2011 Linguistic Institute is delighted to announce the establishment of the Colorado Linguistic Institute 2011 Fellowship Fund. This fund will help subsidize the cost of Institute attendance for both students and academic professionals in Colorado.

The fee schedule offered to the general public works as follows. Each one credit-hour course costs $375, and 4 courses are considered a full load, at $1500. Students can register for one or more courses. Affiliates, who are typically faculty, are expected to pay a flat fee of $1500 for one to four courses.

Because the above fee schedule creates a financial burden for some potential participants who are personally covering their costs and therefore cannot participate without aid, the Institute 2011 executive committee and the University of Colorado at Boulder have created the Colorado Linguistic Institute 2011 Fellowship Fund. Through the Fellowship Fund, students, professional research assistants (also research associates) and faculty in Colorado are eligible for matching funds. This means that a student will only pay $187.50 per credit hour for up to a total of four credit hours, with the Fund paying the other $187.50 per credit hour. In addition, Colorado faculty and professional research assistants (or research associates) can become affiliates for half the standard fee, at $750 instead of $1500, if they only wish to take one or two courses. Since they too are eligible for matching funds, they only need to pay $375 to take up to two courses, with $375 added to that sum to reach the minimum $750 Colorado affiliate fee. Affiliates may take up to four courses, with each course beyond the first two incurring a fee of $375, half of which will be paid by the affiliate and half by the matching funds; thus, an affiliate would pay $562.50 for three courses and $750 for four courses.

Eligibility is established by filling out the registration application at and emailing with a request for funding. Please include the following information in your email:
  - number of credit hours you are registering for
  - total amount of tuition you are responsible for BEFORE the fund
Students state that they are enrolled in a Colorado university, college or community college. Faculty or professional research assistants list the Colorado university, college or community college where they are employed. If you believe you qualify for the Fund but have already completed your registration, please send email to letting us know that you wish to be considered for matching funds.