Fellowship Fund for Colorado Applicants

If you are a college student or academic professional residing in Colorado, you may be eligible for 50 percent off the cost of Institute registration through the Colorado Fellowship Fund.

Eligibility is established by filling out the registration application at the student or affiliate registration page, and emailing LSA2011@colorado.edu with a request for funding. Please include the following information in your email:
  - number of credit hours you are registering for
  - total amount of tuition you are responsible for BEFORE the fund

Please note there is no separate application form for the Fellowship.

 Registration F.A.Q. 

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1. When will registration open?

2. What are the different categories of registrant?

3. Must I be an LSA (Linguistic Society of America) member to attend?

4. How do I become an LSA member or renew my membership?

5. What are the fees for attending the Institute?

6. What are the costs for housing and dining?

7. Are my payments for tuition or fees and housing refundable if I have to cancel?

8. Do I really have to register as an Affiliate and pay fees if I simply want to audit courses?

9. Can I attend a workshop or lecture without being enrolled in the Institute?

10. I have applied for admission into one of the controlled enrollment courses (i.e. LING 7800-017 (Rice) and LING 7800-017 (Evans)). But I have not yet heard back on the application. Can I register for 4 credit hours in the event that I am not accepted for the course?