The Morphosyntax of Hiaki

Instructor(s): Heidi Harley

The extensive derivational verbal morphology of Hiaki presents a remarkable test bed for theories of the morphosyntactic interface. Hiaki is a Uto-Aztecan language of northern Mexico and southern Arizona. It has many typological properties similar to those of Altaic languages: it has SOV word order, is agglutinating, marks case, and exhibits two causative morphemes, an impersonal passive and reduplication. It also has an aplicative, a directive, a desiderative, inceptives, a cessative, an affixal verb of motion, noun incorporation, and amazing denominal verbs of possession. In this course, we will investigate the appropriate theoretical analyses of these constructions, with particular emphasis on the implications for the structure of the VP. We will also discuss the relationship between theoretically-driven elicitation fieldwork and responsible language documentation, and elicitation techniques with linguistically native speakers.


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Mon & Thu 3:30-5:15

Classroom: CHEM 133

Areas of Linguistics:
Syntax and Morphology