Language Variation and the Mass Media

Instructor(s): Robin Queen

This course examines language and language variation as it is found in mass mediated culture, including print, broadcast, film and electronic media forms. The course considers the degree to which media create, perpetuate and/or reflect ideas about social constellations and practices, specifically practices involving language and language variation. By examining mediated linguistic practice, students explore theoretical approaches to language taken from sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology, communication studies, and discourse analysis. Students gain experience working with natural language data from a wide-spectrum of mediated cultural and linguistic contexts and have the opportunity to explore mediated linguistic practice as a matter of both research interest and pedagogical practice. The course is primarily hands-on and discussion-based.

Some background in the analysis of linguistic variation

Course ID:

Mon & Thu 8:30-10:15

Classroom: STAD 112

Areas of Linguistics:
Sociolinguistics and Anthropological