Language and Sexuality

Instructor(s): Rusty Barrett

This course presents an overview of major themes in the study of language and sexuality, emphasizing theoretical issues within sociocultural linguistics and queer theory. The topics to be covered include the role of language in categorizing sexual practices and sexual experiences, the relationship between gendered norms for language use and sexuality, the role of language in the social construction of sexual identity and heteronormativity, the interactional negotiation of sexual interaction, the role of language in expressing sexual desire, and the analysis of discourse involving sexual politics. The course will include weekly workshops in which students analyze data in order to practice applying the theories and methodologies presented in class. Assignments will be based on the analysis of additional data provided by the instructor.


Course ID:

Mon & Thu 10:30-12:15

Classroom: ECCR 105

Areas of Linguistics:
Sociolinguistics and Anthropological

Applications of Linguistics