Introduction to Psycholinguistics

Instructor(s): Zenzi M. Griffin

This course introduces students to the psycholinguistic approach to language research and the field's major empirical findings. Although some history is necessary, the emphasis will be on current explanatory mechanisms, robust and important phenomena, and current research on normal adult production and comprehension of spoken language. The course will at most touch on child language acquisition, sign language production, disorders, and written sentence comprehension.

The course begins with a summary of the history of cognitive science and presentation of psycholinguistically important topics from cognitive psychology. Then psycholinguistic topics include audience design and message planning, grammatical encoding, word selection and retrieval, the time courses for preparing various aspects of utterances and articulating speech, meaning representation, speech perception, spoken word recognition, and the time course for comprehending utterances.

Class sessions will be divided between lectures with demonstrations and discussions of empirical or theoretical articles.

A background knowledge equivalent to an introductory linguistics course.

Course ID:

Mon & Thu 1:30-3:15

Classroom: KOBL 375

Areas of Linguistics:
Language Development and