Predicate: overstay

Roleset id: overstay.01 , outstay one's welcome, Source: , vncls: , framnet:

overstay.01: OVERSTAY-V NOTES: Framed by Neville. (from overstay.01-v)


overstay (v.)


        Arg0-PAG: agent, lingerer
        Arg1-PPT: theme, thing overstayed

Example: transitive

        When a reporter asked whether the fact that now a large number of Chinesecitizens overstay short-term vis as after [*] entering Russia will become a factor in tense relations betweenChina and Russia and how this problem should be solved [*T*-28][*-27] [*T*-43] , Zemin Jiang expressed thatwith the continuous development of friendly , neighborly relations between China and Russia in recent years, the two countries are no longer isolated [*-44] from each other , and relations between them haveexpanded , with rapidly increasing staff contacts .

        Rel: overstay
        Arg1: short-term visas
        ArgM-TMP: after [*] entering Russia
        Arg0: a large number of Chinese citizens