Predicate: lollop

Roleset id: lollop.01 , lollop, Source: , vncls: , framnet:

lollop.01: LOLLOP-V NOTES: hand-checked by Kevin (from lollop.01-v)


lollop (v.)


        Arg1-PPT: entity lolloping (vnrole: 51.3.2-theme)
        Arg2-DIR: start point
        Arg3-LOC: end point
        Arg4-LOC: path (vnrole: 51.3.2-location)

Example: lollop-v: from Google

        We lolloped into light winds for three days.

        Arg1: We
        Rel: lolloped
        Arg4: into light winds
        Argm-tmp: for three days

Example: lollop-v

        He bowed to them gravely and lolloped to the side of the ring purposefully.

        Arg1: He
        Rel: lolloped
        Arg3: to the side of the ring
        Argm-prp: purposefully