Predicate: dimerize

Roleset id: dimerize.01 , combine with a similar molecule to form a dimer, Source: , vncls: , framnet:


dimerize (v.)
dimerization (n.)


        For Bio-AMR annotations.
        Arg0-PAG: agent of dimerization, dimerizer
        Arg1-PPT: first component of the dimer
        Arg2-PPT: second component of the dimer
        Arg3-PRD: result, dimer

Example: example with volitional agent

        Therefore, to determine if the observed dimerization-dependent LRP5c signaling requires membrane localization, we dimerized non-targeted LRP5c.

        Arg0: we
        Arg1: non-targeted LRP5c

Example: molecules 1 and 2

        Histone H2AZ dimerizes with a novel variant H2B and is enriched at repetitive DNA in Trypanosoma brucei.

        Arg1: Histone H2AZ
        Arg2: a novel variant H2B

Example: example with result

        The unsaturated hydrocarbon butadiene (C4H6) dimerizes to 4-vinylcyclohexan (C8H12).

        Arg1: unsaturated hydrocarbon butadiene (C4H6)
        Arg3: 4-vinylcyclohexan (C8H12)