Predicate: conceal

Roleset id: conceal.01 , hide, Source: , vncls: , framnet:

conceal.01: CONCEAL-V NOTES: Frames file for 'conceal' based on sentences in wsj; adjectival 'concealed' based on BOLT-7. Member of VNcls concealment-16. (from conceal.01-v) CONCEALED-J NOTES: Automatically created by Julia as an alias file for unification. (from concealed.01-j)


concealed (j.)
conceal (v.)Eclipse Hiding_objects Secrecy_status


        Arg0-PAG: agent, concealer (vnrole: 16-agent)
        Arg1-PPT: thing hidden (vnrole: 16-patient)
        Arg2-GOL: seeker (vnrole: 16-beneficiary)

Example: all args

        person: ns,  tense: ns,  aspect: ns,  voice: ns,  form: infinitive

        [The family]-1 moves to another house at night *trace*-1 to conceal shabby belongings from neighbors.

        Arg0: *trace*
        Rel: conceal
        Arg1: shabby belongings
        Arg2: from neighbors

Example: transitive

        person: ns,  tense: present,  aspect: ns,  voice: active,  form: gerund

        [Mrs. Marcos and her late husband, former Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos,]-1 were charged *trace*-1 with *trace*-1 embezzling more than $100 million from that country and then fraudulently concealing much of the money through purchases of prime real estate in Manhattan.

        Arg0: *trace*
        Argm-tmp: then
        Argm-mnr: fraudulently
        Rel: concealing
        Arg1: much of the money
        Argm-mnr: through purchases of prime real estate in Manhattan

Example: passive

        person: third,  tense: past,  aspect: ns,  voice: passive,  form: participle

        Much of the money was fraudulently concealed through purchases of prime Manhattan real estate, federal prosecutors have charged.

        Arg1: Much of the money
        Argm-mnr: fraudulently
        Rel: concealed
        Argm-mnr: through purchases of prime Manhattan real estate