Predicate: coexist

Roleset id: coexist.01 , exist together, Source: , vncls: , framnet:

coexist.01: COEXIST-V NOTES: Frame created by Claire. (from coexist.01-v)


coexist (v.)
co-exist (v.)
coexistence (n.)
co-existence (n.)


        Arg1-PPT: first entity co-existing (vnrole: 47.1-1-Theme, 36.1-Agent)
        Arg2-COM: second entity co-existing (vnrole: 36.1-co-agent)

Example: both args

        How-1 will the animals coexist with humans *T*-1 ?

        Argm-mod: will
        Arg1: the animals
        Rel: coexist
        Arg2: with humans
        Argm-mnr: *T*-1 -> how

Example: coexisters in same argument

        Renown wildlife advocate Jack Hannah director...of the Columbus Zoo recently went to Rwanda *PRO* to see how-2 the people and animals are co-existing *T*-2.

        Arg1: the people and animals
        Rel: coexisting
        Argm-mnr: *T*-2