Predicate: angulate

Roleset id: angulate.01 , hold or distort something so as to form angles, formation of angles, Source: , vncls: , framnet:

angulate.01: ANGULATE-V NOTES: (from angulate.01-v) ANGULATION-N NOTES: (from angulation.01-n)


angulate (v.)
angulation (n.)
angulated (j.)


        Arg0-PAG: agent, person distorting arg1
        Arg1-PPT: entity being angulated
        Arg2-PRD: angle, degrees if explicit

Example: angulate-v

        The operation angulates the duct and duodenum, causing strain on the suture line.

        Arg0: The operation
        Rel: angulates
        Arg1: the duct and duodenum
        Argm-adv: causing strain on the suture line

Example: angulation-n

        The fracture on the left has resulted in angulation of the distal component;

        Rel: angulation
        Arg1: of the distal component

Example: angulation-n: with arg2

        Consider reduction even for less than 40 degree angulation;

        Arg2: less than 40 degree
        Rel: angulation

Example: angulated-j:

        The lack of accessory cell will distinguish it at once from all the other genera of larger insects in which the wings are not angulated.

        Arg1: the wings
        Argm-neg: not
        Rel: angulated