story-n; 6 Senses

Sense Number 1: narrative or account, intended as factual reporting

Commentary: STORY[+document][+factual][+personal/+historical/+current_events] [+activity][+narration][+factual][+personal/+historical/+current_events]
NOTE: implies the story can stand alone without requiring external context, hence different from Sense 4

John fascinated everyone with his stories of running a charter sail boat out of Barbados.
Everyone is tired of hearing Tina's sob stories at work.
Joan is trying to write down her grandmother's life story.
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles tell the story of the English people.
The filmmaker told the story of her people's struggle for freedom.
The local papers covered that story before the national press picked it up.
I read an interesting story in today's Globe about cheese-making in Vermont.
The radio stations have retracted that story about a UFO. (they broadcast it earlier)

WordNet 3.0 Sense Numbers: 1, 4, 5

Sense Number 2: fictional narrative, intentionally made up for entertainment

Commentary: STORY[+document][+fictional][+short][+adventure/+detective/+romance/+science_fiction] [+activity][+narration][+fictional][+entertaining]

Edgar Allen Poe is most famous for his horror stories.
Mary sat on the couch with a pile of detective stories in front of her.
He's taking a class on how to write a short story.
Every night Sally tells her children a bedtime story about the animals and the fairies of the forest.

WordNet 3.0 Sense Numbers: 2

Sense Number 3: a level or floor of a building

Commentary: STORY[+structure][+component][+level][+building]

They are adding a second story to their house.
The new office building will have six stories.
It's a strip mall of one-story buildings.

WordNet 3.0 Sense Numbers: 3

Sense Number 4: testimony, statement, explanation, sometimes false

Commentary: STORY[+action][+statement][+contextual][+testimony][+/-misleading] [+document][+contextual][+testimony]
NOTE: implies a purposeful context in which to give the account.
NOTE: implies a short account, offered as response to inquiry or an explanation, thus different from Sense 1

The driver's story was that the pedestrian just walked right in front of his car.
Their stories don't match.
Johnny told the teacher some story about how his dog had eaten his homework.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

WordNet 0.0 Sense Numbers: 5

Sense Number 5: speculative narration, rumors, gossip

Commentary: STORY[+narration][+speculative][+gossip/+rumor] [+document][+speculative][+gossip/+rumor]

All sorts of stories have been circulating in Washington about the alleged affair.
Don't believe that story about Pete and Betty.
This newspaper carries many stories about who's dating whom in Hollywood.
They discussed some juicy stories about their boss over chips and beer.

WordNet 0.0 Sense Numbers: 4

Sense Number 6: situation or state of affairs

Commentary: STORY[+state][+situation]

What's the story with Bob these days?
John is waiting to find out the story on whether he'll get the financing for his home renovations.
It's a very sad story in Darfur these days.
The battles between labor and management have not been a been a happy story.

WordNet 0.0 Sense Numbers: 8