splinter-v; 2 Senses

Sense Number 1: break into slivers

Commentary: Syntax includes: NP1[agent|cause] SPLINTER NP2[patient|material[concrete]] (PP[product[concrete]]) NP1[patient|material[concrete]] SPLINTER (PP[product[concrete]]) NP1[agent[animate]] SPLINTER NP2[patient|material[concrete]] (PP[product[concrete]]) (PP[instrument]) NP1[instrument] SPLINTER NP2[patient|material[concrete]] (PP[product[concrete]]) NP1[experiencer] SPLINTER NP2[patient[body_part]]

In coming off, the hinge has splintered the wood inside.
Most likely, wear and tear on the door has splintered the wood.
The edge of the hammer splintered the wood.
The ruler cracked and splintered into pieces.
Using a massive shoulder, he splintered the barrier into pieces and burst in.
He splintered the tops of both shinbones and suffered ligament damage.

VerbNet: break-45.1,hurt-40.8.3-1-1
FrameNet: Cause_to_fragment
PropBank: splinter.01
WordNet 3.0 Sense Numbers: 2, 3

Sense Number 2: split into parts or factions.

Commentary: Includes SPLINTER_OFF Syntax includes: NP1[agent[animate|organization]] SPLINTER (off) NP1[agent[animate|organization]] SPLINTER (off) (PP[start_state[organization]]) (PP[end_state])

The Shakers are a religious group that splintered from an English Quaker community in the 1700s.
The guitarists and vocalist splintered off to start their own project.
Many of the Protestant branches of Christianity thus splintered off from Catholicism.
The African Mafia splintered off from another Winnipeg street gang called the Mad Cowz.
The 90s is when pop music really splintered off into sub-genres.
He splintered off from his friends to grab something to eat at the Caridad restaurant.
He splintered off, but he's still out there raising issues.

VerbNet: NM
FrameNet: NM
PropBank: splinter.01
WordNet 3.0 Sense Numbers: 1