resolution-n; 8 Senses

Sense Number 1: a formal declaration

Commentary: An expression that is decided upon formally, sometimes by a vote. People also make them on New Year's Day.

The UN passed a resolution condemning international smugglers.
I made a resolution never to speak his name again.
John showed Mary his list of New Year's resolutions.

WordNet 2.0 Sense Numbers: 1 11

Sense Number 2: firmness of character

Commentary: RESOLUTION[+event] The quality of being steadfast and firm of purpose. Not a flip-flopper.

General John's firm resolution gave his troops hope.
It was my unshakable resolution to finish the work that eventually got us through.
A President needs strength of character and resolution.

WordNet 2.0 Sense Numbers: 3

Sense Number 3: the solution, the end

Commentary: The wrap-up, the closure. Refers to the solution itself, not the process of finding a solution.

The bickering businessmen finally found a resolution that they could all agree on.
They never settled upon a final resolution of their problems.
Shakespeare's comedies usually have a satisfying resolution.
After months of grieving, I've achieved a kind of personal resolution.

WordNet 2.0 Sense Numbers: 5 10

Sense Number 4: coming to a solution

Commentary: RESOLUTION[+event] Refers narrowly to the act of arriving at a solution. Probably rarer than the solution itself.

My specialty is the resolution of tricky business dilemmas.
John's resolution of the problem left half the city in flames!
No attempt at resolution could end our difficulties.

WordNet 2.0 Sense Numbers: 4

Sense Number 5: clarity

Commentary: RESOLUTION[+event] The ability to differentiate images. Usually connected to instruments such as computers or microscopes.

The lens has a resolution of a few thousand nanometers.
Set your resolution to 800 x 1024 pixels.
My television has an incredibly high image resolution.

WordNet 2.0 Sense Numbers: 2 7

Sense Number 6: breaking down or becoming clear

Commentary: RESOLUTION[+event] Refers to the act of becoming clear, or of differentiating things. Noun form of "resolving an image". Also metaphoric, in the analysis into smaller components.

We watched the cloud's resolution into the shape of a horse.
The resolution of this equation into its factors should make it easier to solve.

WordNet 2.0 Sense Numbers: 6

Sense Number 7: subsidence of swelling

Commentary: Refers to the abatement of swelling or inflammation, especially in a lung.

Good news, nurse: John's lungs are showing resolution.

WordNet 2.0 Sense Numbers: 8

Sense Number 8: note pattern

Commentary: It's called 'resolution' when a dissonant chord is followed by a consonant chord.

The concerto began with a striking chord resolution.

WordNet 2.0 Sense Numbers: 9