reason-v; 2 Senses

Sense Number 1: discover or conclude using logical thinking

Commentary: Includes: REASON OUT

After all, she reasoned, tacks are only slightly larger than wire brads.
He reasoned that there must be electricity in the frog's leg, but Volta disagreed.
He reasoned it was time for us to have a healthy baby now.
Students will reason and evaluate mathematical arguments.
Let's see if you can reason out the correct answer to this question.

VerbNet: deduce-97.2
FrameNet: NM
PropBank: reason.01
WordNet 3.0 Sense Numbers: 1, 3
WordNet Verb Particle Constructions, Multiword Expressions:
reason_out 1

Sense Number 2: persuade through reason

Commentary: Syntax Is: NP1[agent[human]] REASON PP{with NP}

With reasonable men I will reason; with humane men I will plea;
but to tyrants I will give no quarter. --William Lloyd Garrison
You can't reason with her because she's three.
The school board tried to reason with the teacher's union.

VerbNet: NM
FrameNet: Reasoning
PropBank: NM
WordNet 3.0 Sense Numbers: 2