inflate-v; 3 Senses

Sense Number 1: (cause to) increase in size by filling with gas or liquid

NOTE: includes metaphorical and abstract usages Syntax Includes: NP1[agent] INFLATE NP2[patient] NP1[instrument] INFLATE NP2[patient] NP2[patient] INFLATE

We only partly inflated the balloon.
That is how counterfeit agents inflated the housing bubble.
I guess in an effort to show how much Bruce Lee looks like himslef,
the design team inflated his head.
Booting around Wall Street types as state attorney general
apparently has inflated his ego to preposterous proportions.
One fan inflated the base while another inflated the bubble and circulated air.
Once fully inflated, the first chamber 21 is maintained in an inflated state for a period of fifteen minutes.
To stay inflated, the eye constantly makes fluid which circulates inside the front of the eye.
When the bladder is first placed around the arm and not inflated, the artery beneath the bladder functions normally.

VerbNet: other_cos-45.4
FrameNet: Expansion,Cause_expansion
PropBank: inflate.01
WordNet 3.0 Sense Numbers: 2, 5

Sense Number 2: (cause to) increase in size or number; amplify or exaggerate

NOTE: compare carefully to sense 1; although both can be quantitative, this sense does not include "filling." This sense also applies to a misrepresentation of the object inflated and involves an intent to deceive. Also, compare to sense 4; this sense does not apply to any instances of price or curreny inflation.
NOTE: includes metaphorical and abstract usages Syntax Is: NP1[agent] INFLATE NP2[abstract]

Griffis inflated his regular annual salary by $206433 over his last three years.
He has allowed a run in five of his last nine outings, which has inflated his ERA to 3.57.
I inflated the area that's clickable for the link and especially
the icon.
His wooing of her only inflated her disdain.
They dramatically inflated the proportion of users and
It is too bad that he inflated the statistics pertaining to this
This type of prohibition is unfair if the misstatement clearly
inflated the purchase price.
A man accused of conspiring to pervert justice falsely inflated his
role in the murder case.
How can graduate schools and potential employers distinguish
students when grades have been inflated across the board?

VerbNet: other_cos-45.4
FrameNet: NM
PropBank: inflate.01
WordNet 3.0 Sense Numbers: 1

Sense Number 3: cause prices, stocks, currency, or the economy to undergo inflation

NOTE: Involves an entire monetary system, usually the entire currency of an economy. Cannot involve only an individual transaction or set of transactions. This sense does not involve a misrepresentation of an object inflated or an increase in size/number. Syntax Includes: NP1[agent] INFLATE NP2[patient[abstract]] NP1[instrument] INFLATE NP2[patient[abstract]] NP2[patient[abstract]] INFLATE

The war inflated the economy.
Now that they are twice as much, it's like the economy inflated by 50 percent.
As expected, the US government inflated the currency, as governments are prone to do.

VerbNet: NM
FrameNet: NM
PropBank: inflate.01
WordNet 3.0 Sense Numbers: 3, 4