fortune-n; 3 Senses

Sense Number 1: a chance event, luck

Commentary: FORTUNE[+event][+random][+apparently]
NOTE: refers to some specific event(s), not a general state of affairs (see Sense 3)

It was only by good fortune that I ran into John yesterday.
She had the bad fortune to be on the flight that went down in New York.
Such are the fortunes of war. (unpredictable, haphazard events)
Some malicious act of fortune kept them separated for twenty years.

WordNet 3.0 Sense Numbers: 1

Sense Number 2: a vast sum of money, wealth

Commentary: FORTUNE[+quantity][+sum][+large][+money]

Betty made a fortune in real estate.
He spent the family fortune on drink and women.
It will cost a fortune to fix the roof. (colloquial usage)

WordNet 3.0 Sense Numbers: 2

Sense Number 3: one's destiny or general circumstance

Commentary: FORTUNE[+state][+destiny]

The gypsy woman told them their fortunes.
He is credited with turning around the company's fortunes. (it's prior poor circumstances)
The story follows the changing fortunes of an Alabama family during the war.
What does your fortune cookie say?

WordNet 3.0 Sense Numbers: 3, 4