end-n; 9 Senses

Sense Number 1: a spatial terminus or farthest boundary of something

NOTE: core sense is physical, but can be extended to quantitative scales

They walked to the end of the pier.
The person who picked up the phone at the other end was Mary.
There is a junk yard at the far end of town.
Sally cut the ends off the green beans.
I held the carpet by one end and pulled it across the floor.
They are struggling at the lower end of the socioeconomic scale. (figurative extension to an abstract ranking)
Houses in this neighborhood sell at the top end of the market. (extenstion to an abstract ranking)

PropBank: NM
WordNet 3.0 Sense Numbers: 1, 7, 10, 9

Sense Number 2: cessation of existence, destruction of something

NOTE: Often a negative cessation, but can be positive.

A collision with a comet would likely mean the end of the world.
The end came quickly for Peter after his diagnosis of late-stage pancreatic cancer.
The blue ceramic vase came to an unfortunate end when the cat knocked it off the table.
If she's caught stealing again, it will be the end of her career.
They have demanded an end to the violence. (violence should no longer exist)
Mary's sharp retort put an end to John's sarcastic remarks.

PropBank: end.01
WordNet 3.0 Sense Numbers: 6

Sense Number 3: a final state for a characterized activity or time span

NOTE: refers to a temporal point along a time line.

In the end, we decided to go to a Vietnamese restaurant.
By winter's end last year we had more than 30 inches of snow.
Tonight's performance marked the end of the symphony's 2001 season.
There seemed to be no end to the tricks he'll use to get his way. (a continuous procession of them)
The report must be completed by the end of next month.

WordNet 3.0 Sense Numbers: 2

Sense Number 4: the concluding section of a communication

Commentary:END[+artifact][+document][+section][+concluding] [+event][+speech_act][+concluding]
NOTE: this restricted sense refers to structural final parts of communication artifacts, either spoken, visual or written.

I didn't get to see the end of the play.
They shot the end of the film on location in the Mojave Desert.
Read chapter four and do the problems at the end of it.
The explanation of black body radiation is at the end of chapter two.
At the end of the lecture he told a funny joke.
They all signed their names at the end of the letter to the president.

PropBank: end.01
WordNet 3.0 Sense Numbers: 3, 5, 12

Sense Number 5: position on line of scrimmage in American football


The football fell past the end and out of bounds.
No players were guarding the end.

PropBank: NM
WordNet 3.0 Sense Numbers: 14

Sense Number 6: intended goal, purpose

NOTE: refers to an agent's aim, purpose

Did the end justify the means?
They are using each other to further their own ends.
To this end, schools were set up for the village women. (for some goal)

PropBank: NM
WordNet 3.0 Sense Numbers: 4

Sense Number 7: obligation to fulfill

NOTE: refers to an agent's obligation or duty

He kept his end of the bargain.
I hope they will honor their end of the deal and settle the debt.
They are holding up their end of the arrangement fairly well.

PropBank: NM
WordNet 3.0 Sense Numbers: 11

Sense Number 8: scrap or remnant piece of material left over from a bolt of fabric.


Jane used the various fabric ends to make a patchwork quilt.
I sorted through a bin of ends at the fabric store, looking for blue and brown velvet.

PropBank: NM
WordNet 3.0 Sense Numbers: 13

Sense Number 9: role of a football player


The quarterback threw the ball to his end.
The end for their team weighs over two hundred and fifty pounds.

PropBank: NM
WordNet 3.0 Sense Numbers: 8