clash-v; 3 Senses

Sense Number 1: crash together with violent impact

Commentary: Syntax Includes:

Two meteors clashed, shattering apart.
The armies clashed together with enormous force.
The two boys clashed, flinging themselves on one another.
The waves clashed against the cliff face.

VerbNet: Bump-18.4-1
FrameNet: Impact
PropBank: NP

Sense Number 2: be or come into conflict

These colors clash.
Their personalities clash heavily.
Theories on either side of the fence inherently clash.
Most notes on the keyboard clash when not played properly.
My desires clas with my responsibilities.

VerbNet: NP
FrameNet: Compatibility
PropBank: clash.01

Sense Number 3: disagree violently

The stories of the accident clashed completely.
We clashed over the new farm policy.
The debators clashed repeatedly.

VerbNet: Battle-36.4-1
FrameNet: Hostile_Encounter
PropBank: clash.01